Why Does Snapchat Lag on Android

Why Does Snapchat Lag on Android? Complete Guide 2023

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Does Snapchat lag on android? Most of the Android users would relate to this problem. Snapchat is an entertaining social media platform that enables you numerous features, and it is among the platforms you can find on almost every person’s mobile phone. While using such social media apps, we often face that they lag. Running behind and glitching while recording a video or clicking pictures can be frustrating. So, it is better to check several basic things to avoid it. If you are struggling with the same issue, this article is for you. We will briefly discuss possible reasons and ways to fix when Snapchat lag on Android. Please read all points and then find out what could cause this inconvenience.

Why does Snapchat lag on android?

There could be endless reasons that will justify Snapchat’s lag on Android. When we install an app on our device, we always have to look for updates, the internet, and other things. But when an app stops working or doesn’t work efficiently, our mind rolls all over the place looking for the cause. You can’t run or use a social media platform or app on your device until you have a stable internet connection. Apparently, all the social media apps run on the internet, and if you cannot connect your device to the internet, you can’t use the app either. Not only the internet but also many other causes that may simplify the cause of Snapchat lag on Android.

Poor internet connection

As illustrated earlier, the first and foremost thing is the internet. If you are watching or using anything online, you need a secure or good speed internet. Suppose you have the internet, but its speed is way worse than even loading a chrome page, then it will certainly cause problems. Well, in such situations, not only Snapchat but other apps would also start showing problems. It is crucial to have an active internet connection while using such applications. Snapchat is an entertaining app that has numerous features that attract users. But while recording a video from Snapchat, you may get interrupted because of a poor internet connection. It would be best to check your internet connection if your Snapchat lag on Android.

Insufficient Storage in your Mobile

Make sure your phone has sufficient storage space. Sometimes, not having enough space in a device can also cause problems. If there isn’t room for apps or files, delete the ones you rarely use. It would be best if you kept your phone slightly free. Snapchat saves all the videos and apps within the app, and if you are also saving them in the gallery, you can delete them. It will help you free space on your Android Device.

Haven’t Update Snapchat App

We often get notifications for updates available on our devices and apps. But if you haven’t and don’t update apps, this can be the reason for not using apps smoothly. So, we recommend you check if there are any updates regarding the social media apps such as Snapchat. If you have no idea how to check for updates on an Android device, you can adhere to the instructions mentioned in this article. Other than that, most devices have options to auto-update apps, and it is an effortless method to update an app. You don’t have to check for updates on your device repeatedly. So, not updating the apps frequently can result in Snapchat lag on Android.

Snapchat App Issue

If you don’t think any of the reasons mentioned earlier are causing Snapchat lag on android, there can be app issues. Sometimes, apps also face issues, and it gets down. It would be best to close the app for a couple of minutes. Check if there is a common issue with the app or if it is happening to every user. Generally, we get notified when something like that happens. If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry as it will get fixed after some time and you will be able to use it perfectly as before.

How to fix when Snapchat lag on Android?

If you face any of the listed ways, you can use the following ways to fix this issue. But first, you need to conclude why this is happening and read the reason we have listed earlier. Social media apps have evolved over the years, and nowadays, the only purpose they serve isn’t entertainment. People earn and spread awareness regarding various issues to make lives better. But sometimes, these applications start slowing down or lagging. It makes it difficult for users to use them without any problem. So, if you are also facing that Snapchat lag on Android, then use the following ways to resolve this issue –

Check your internet connection.

As mentioned earlier, you can’t use any social media app without an internet connection. People can connect and communicate only when there is a good internet connection. But if your device has been connected to an unsecured internet connection or wi-fi, you will have to face the problems. If your internet is giving poor speed, you should contact your internet service provider. Wait while it is getting fixed, and then you can resume recording or using Snapchat without any issue. Remember, without a good internet connection, you won’t be able to fix this problem either. So, check and get your internet or wi-fi first.

Update Snapchat App

An app wouldn’t be similar to what it was two years back because it gets updated. If you don’t install these updates on time, you won’t be able to use the latest features. Those who have no idea how to update the Snapchat app on an Android mobile phone can follow the instructions below. But before you begin with the update, you must check your internet connection. Otherwise, you won’t be able to update this app. Now, follow the steps in their right order and avoid skipping them.

1: First, you need to turn on your Android mobile phone and then open the “Play Store”

2: Click on the profile icon appearing on the right side, and appear on the screen.

3: Select “Manage apps and Device”, and then relevant options will appear on the screen.

4: Here, you will see the available updates by clicking on the “Updates Avaible options”

5: All the apps with available updates will appear here, and if you want to start the update, you need to click on the “Update” button appearing in front of the app.

You need to look if there is Snapchat listed and if yes, then install the update right away. From here, you can read what the update about is, and for that, you need to click on the downward arrow. Make sure you have an active internet connection before hitting the update button. Otherwise, it will be left in between, and you won’t be able to access all the new features.

Clear app caches and data

Next thing you can do if you have a problem while using Snapchat on Android is clear the app caches. We often forget about it, and it is necessary to clear it after some time. You must know that clearing the caches help you troubleshoot a problem and improve the loading speed of an app. If you have any unnecessary data from this app, you can delete that. It would help you to use the app without any issues. Those who have no idea how to clear caches of Snapchat can follow the steps we have mentioned below –

1: Turn on your phone and then go to your phone settings.

2: You need to go to “Apps” to move forward with the process.

3: You will see all the apps available on your mobile phone, and you need to look for “Snapchat.” Once you find the app, click on it to see more options.

4: Now, you will see various inside details of this app, and you need to go for “Storage”

5: On this page, you will see two options, ‘clear data’ and ‘clear cache; you need to click on “Clear Cache”

Once you click on that, all the cache will get deleted. You can also check the space used by this app and its data. Not only Snapchat, but you can also clear the cache of other apps using the same instructions. Clearing cache and data that you won’t require in future will be extremely helpful in this situation. If this doesn’t work either, you may have to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Reinstall the Snapchat app

Another option you have to resolve Snapchat lag on Android is reinstalling this app. You should use this option only when nothing works. Sometimes, such issues get resolved after closing and opening the app. But if that isn’t working for you, you need to reinstall the app. To uninstall the app on an android phone, you need to tap and hold the app icon until the related options pop up. Now click on “uninstall” and then confirm it. Soon after a couple of seconds, the app will get uninstalled. Now, if you have no idea how to install this app, then all you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned below –

1: Go to the Play Store, and in the search bar, you need to type “Snapchat”

2: You will see a couple of options in the result, and you need to click on the right one.

3: Later, you will see the option to “Install” the app, and you need to click on it to proceed.

4: Wait for a while to finish the installation, and then you need to open the app.

5: Use your login credentials to login on to Snapchat and enjoy using it your way.

If you have any questions regarding this process, you can let us know. Please follow the instructions attentively. You can use any of the ways to fix the Snapchat lag on Android. Please make sure your internet connection is working fine before you begin updating and installing Snapchat the app.

Update the Device

We have thoroughly discussed all the possible ways that would be helpful if Snapchat lag on android. Anyway, if you are still facing the same issue, you should update your device. Yes, you need to check if there are any available updates on your device. If yes, then update it right away. We have earlier illustrated the steps to update the Snapchat app, so if you haven’t updated this app yet, you need to read those instructions first. If nothing works for you, you should connect with customer support for some reason. You can take their help and let them know what is happening.

How can I make my Snapchat quality better?

There are several ways to help you make the Snapchat quality better, and we have discussed several of them earlier. Using these ways, you can improve the quality of the Snapchat app on any device with any operating system. You may find it frustrating if you see it happening for a long time, and that’s why you must find a likely solution or way to overcome this issue. If the quality is poor because of your device, you can’t do anything, but the tips we have illustrated here are worth trying.

Use a stable and secure internet connection.

The internet is the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind while using such an online social media platform. As you know, the internet is the core factor while you do anything online. So, not having a stable and secure internet connection may result in streaming complications. Not only this, but you will also face other issues such as app glitches, slow loading of feeds & pages, and lagging. That’s why we recommend using an active and secure internet connection.

People often use and connect their devices with wi-fi wherever they find them, and you should never do that as it can be harmful to your device and the information inside it. If your internet is not working, you should contact your internet connection provider and let them know what’s happening.

Restart the Snapchat App

The second thing you can do if the Snapchat lag on android or not working perfectly is restart the app. Close the app if it is lagging and then after a couple of minutes, open the app again. Suppose you want to log out to your Snapchat account and then log in to your account after some time. There are chances that there is something wrong with your account or device, so restarting the app would be helpful. You must know that restarting the device or app resolves issues.

Clear caches and data of Snapchat App

The next option you have to avoid Snapchat lag on android devices is to clear caches and unused data of the app. Caches are the components that stores data for future requests. You can clear caches that occupy unnecessary space on your device and cause problems. The process to clear the cache on an android device is easy, and we have discussed the instructions earlier. You can adhere to the steps and clear the cache as often as possible. It will certainly free up the storage space and resolve your problem. You must know that you can use this way to improve the functionality of any app, not just Snapchat. People often forget about it and face problems later.

Restarting the System

The first thing that comes to mind when our PC or laptop glitches is restarting it. You must know that the same goes for your smartphone. When you see the Snapchat app lagging, or be it any other app, you can restart your device. However, it is the last option you would look for and before that you should try the ones we have illustrated earlier. To restart your android phone, long-press the home button and when the options pop up, you need to select “Restart.” Other than that, if nothing works, then you can uninstall the Snapchat app and later install it again.

How do you stop Snapchat from lagging on an iPhone?

Is the Snapchat app lagging on your iPhone? If yes, then the problem might be in the app. You can try basic ways that would help you to resolve this issue. We have discussed several ways that would improve the functionality of the app. You can adopt or adhere to the instructions for the ways we have discussed earlier. Begin with closing the app for a while and then open it after a couple of minutes. Next, open the app and if you have logged out earlier, then login to your account again. Another thing you can do is reinstall the app. If there is an issue with the app, it will be resolved after you reinstall the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) Why is my Snapchat lagging out?

It may be lagging out because of poor internet connection, not updating the app for a while, uncleared caches, and others. You can logout from the app and then re-login to your account. If it doesn’t work, close the app and open it after some time. You can also restart the device if the ways we have discussed earlier don’t work. If you have been using the app without updating it, do it right away to avoid inconvenience.

Q.2) Why is Snapchat not good on Android?

Sometimes, Snapchat lag on Android and the reasons for the same could be a poor internet connection, caches, insufficient space, not updating the app, etc. We have discussed the same earlier in this article. You can also take help from the ways we have illustrated earlier. There are numerous versions of Android phones. So, when you see Snapchat not working fine on an Android mobile, you should try reinstalling the app or checking the internet connection.

Q.3) Is Snapchat better for iPhone or Android?

The Android has numerous versions and while making an app for the android developer has to consider all of it. That sometimes leads to compromises, and as a result, Snapchat is slightly bad on Android devices. But if you use Snapchat on an iOS device, you will have a quite different experience. However, many android mobile phones also support Snapchat quite efficiently and allow users to use it smoothly.

Q.4) Can you get Snapchat on an Android?

Yes, you can install the Snapchat app on Android and iOS operating systems. All you need for installing Snapchat is the internet and a perfectly working device. To install the app, you need to go to the App Store or Play Store and then in the search bar, type “Snapchat”, and you will see the results on your screen. Click on the correct one and then again click on “Install.” shortly, it will install the app on your Android device, and then you need to open the app and log in to your account.

Final Thoughts

That was all about Snapchat lag on Android, and if you have anything to add, feel free to drop it in the comment section. We have thoroughly discussed the reasons for Snapchat lag on Android. First, you need to find the cause, and then you can use the ways to fix if your Snapchat app also lags. We hope this article has proven informative and helpful to you. But if you are stuck somewhere or get confused, you can contact us. Along with that, please let us know your suggestions and thoughts regarding this article as it would help us to improve. We would be absolutely delighted to hear from fellow readers.

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