What is Roku? A Complete Guide for Popular Roku Streaming Devices

What is Roku, and how does Roku work?

To enter the world of web shows and other OTT content, one needs to have an efficient streaming device. Entertainment in the contemporary world is limited to traditional theatres and televisions; today, entertainment doesn’t have any limitations and boundaries. To explore digital entertainment, users need supporting hardware. ‘What can be better than Roku?’ when it comes to streaming devices. With the changing time, it’s time to update your old television to keep pace with the latest entertainment trends.

Roku subscription

What is Roku?

It is a digital media player developed by American company Roku Inc. It is a hardware brand that offers streaming media content from several online services. The company launched its first model on 20th May 2008 in collaboration with Netflix. It is a low-cost, small form factor, a set-top box for prominent media consumption. It is the most influential device on the digital media player market, and its platform holds the license of middleware for Smart TV. One can understand the popularity of the streaming device by the fact that in August 2022, it reached 55 million active users, and It has more than 60.1 million active users.

What’s in the box?

In today’s article, we will discuss What is Roku, how does it works, the monthly cost of it, the channels available on it, and why you should use Roku? Besides this, I will also provide you with a comparative analysis of Roku and Smart TV, instructions for setting up Roku, and installing Spectrum TV on Roku? If you are thinking of updating your traditional TV, this article will surely help you. I will request you to read the article until the end to understand Roku fully.

Why Roku?

This is the one-stop answer to all the doubts about your TV upgradation. Roku device can provide a total makeover to your traditional TV. And honestly, currently, it is one of the cheapest and most efficient streaming boxes available in the market. There is no reason not to try your hands on Roku. To explore the world of entertainment to its fullest, I recommend you try it for once. it will bring drastic changes in your entertainment quality and content.

The monthly cost of Roku

The starting payment of the it’s streaming player is $ 29.99; the charges will rise depending on the device you choose. After getting a streaming player, you will enjoy the shows available on it for free. But if you want to expand the scope of entertainment, you can install some additional channels in the Roku device.

If you want to enjoy channels like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, PBS, etc., you have to purchase a subscription to all these channels. It allows you to rent or buy movie services on your device. You don’t need to pay any monthly cost for enjoying the shows available on it, but if you want to enjoy shows of Netflix, PBS, HBO Now, you have to purchase the subscription of these channels. There is no monthly device maintenance fee for Roku, and you can get free three months of an Apple TV if you purchase an eligible Roku streaming device.

Price list of available Roku devices

A Roku set includes a Roku player, remote control cable, and HDMI cable. In comparison, some of its streaming player comes up with a remote and a portable stick. Let me tell you that all the Roku streaming devices work with any TV and an HDMI port. This devices provide access to 4,000 plus channels and support 1080p HD or higher video. You can control its devices through Roku mobile app. The best part of using its devices is that you can get your refund within 30 days of purchasing the device if you don’t like the streaming device. Following are the prices of it’s devices: –

Price of streaming stick: $ 49.99

Express: $ 29.99

smart soundbar price: $ 179.99

Price of premiere: $ 39.99

Ultra price: $ 99.99

Price of streambar: $ 129.99

Besides the above-given devices, some other streaming devices are exclusively available at Walmart; they are as follows: –

Price of Roku express: $ 39.99

streaming stick headphone edition: $ 59.99

Ultra LT: $ 59.00

To lead the race of streaming devices, Roku prioritizes its content sound quality to give cinematic entertainment expressions to its users. That’s why the streambar and smart bar of Roku has in-built soundbars. With the help of the Roku streambarand smart soundbar, the viewers can expand their audio system and have a deeper and richer bass while enjoying their favorite content. The price range of its audio products are as follows: –

TV Wireless speakers price: $ 199.99

Cost of it’s wireless sound woofers: $ 179.99

Is Roku software or a device?

Many people have this confusion that is Roku software or a device. For those who don’t know what is Roku – it is both it is a streaming device as well as software. The streaming devices of Roku boasts support a lot of media streaming devices powered by Roku software. To enhance its customer service and remove unnecessary bugs, Because its devices updates automatically. The latest software version of it that is currently in use is Roku OS 9.4. The current version of the it’s device offers new ways for users to navigate and operate their Roku players quickly.

It’s other devices, like soundbars, are also prevalent among people as they give cinematic experiences to users at home. The Company sells its own streaming devices, it can cost as cheap as $ 29.99, and it can cost as high as $ 179.99. Prices rise as the device gets better. In a nutshell, It has something for every person, and fits in the budget of everyone.

Smart TV Vs. Roku streaming player Vs. Roku TV – What’s better?

This is among the most popular streaming device in the United States, and the reason associated with that is the features of streaming devices and rock dropping prices. The price of it is so basic that anyone can afford it. In my opinion, This is the best streaming device for those who aren’t into fancy features. Roku streaming devices can connect to any TV through an HDMI port. And on top of that, the users don’t need a smart TV to connect Roku with their TV.

However, if you are thinking of updating your TV or looking for a makeover of your old TV, Roku TV is the best. Though it will be a bit expensive, you will get Roku TV, licenses, Operating System, etc.

You will find plenty of Roku OS-powered TV sets that brand themselves Roku TV. Which is available in different sizes, functions, and features. Though the size and features will vary, you will get a hundred percent Roku entertainment and cinematic experiences. Its TVs are famous across the country because they offer a high dynamic range (HDR) video format and Dolby vision.

Is the internet necessary for using Roku?

This is a streaming player, and it doesn’t have any internal storage. It means that it doesn’t have internal storage, and it doesn’t store movies like other streaming devices Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc. So yes, of course, you need a high-speed stable internet connection to stream any content on your Roku device.

To enjoy seamless streaming on Roku, the users need to have unlimited internet data and a higher data allowance. Many internet service providers place data capacity on their internet, and if you reach beyond that capacity, they will charge you an overage data fee. So it’s always safe to go for unlimited data plans such as Spectrum Internet and AT&T Fiber. These plans are Roku friendly as well as your pocket friendly.

Instructions for setting up Roku device

Roku sign in and sign up

It’s devices are easy to set up, and the method of setting up different models, devices, and sticks of Roku is the same. To connect your Roku device to any TV, you need an HDMI port. You can easily connect your Roku device to smart TV, Apple TV, or Android TV if you have an HDMI port to connect. The devices of it, particularly HDMI cable and streaming sticks, have an in-built HDMI connector in them. Follow the instructions given below to set up your Roku device.

How to choose an HDMI port for your TV?

For choosing the perfect HDMI port for your TV, you need to check what type of HDMI cable your TV can support. For example, if your TV supports 720 p to 1080 p, then a high-speed HDMI cable is the perfect solution for you. If you want to try your hands on 4K Ultra HD or HDR, you should go for a premium high-speed HDMI cable. And yes, always check which HDMI cable is best suited for your TV before purchasing it.

Method of Plugging HDMI or Composite cable

You need to directly plug in the Roku HDMI cable in your TV’s HDMI port. Generally, the users get an HDMI port with their Roku player but if you have purchased a Roku stick and plug it directly into the TV port.

Many TVs don’t have an HDMI port for those Roku has composite cable. If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can use a composite cable. For connecting composite cable to your TV, you need to check the composite audio/video connection. The audio/video connection ports will be labeled as AV or AV out, or there is a possibility that it can be a separate port labeled with Video and two ports labeled as Audio. Now plug in the composite cable in those ports.

Switch on your Roku device

The next step includes inserting the power adaptor into a wall outlet. If you have a Roku streaming stick, you should use a USB power cable with an advanced wireless receiver to the USB power extender cable. And you can plug that USB power extender cable into the power adapter. To connect your Roku player with the help of USB power, you have to insert the USB power cable into your TV’s USB port. And if you own a Roku stick, then nothing to worry about as it already supports USB power.

Switch on your TV

The users have to switch on their TV and choose their TV input as Roku in the next step. Once the users properly connect the Roku device to their TV, they will see the Roku logo on their TV screen.

Select the language of your device

The streaming device will show you the option of choosing your device’s language on the TV screen. Select the language of your preference. For selecting your preferred language, you can use the up and down buttons to navigate the TV screen. When you find your preferred language, tap on the option of OK.

Connect your Roku streaming device to the internet

Roku allows you to choose between wired and wireless internet connections, and it supports the working of both wired and wireless internet connections. So now, what you want to use is ultimately your choice. If you are using a wired internet connection, you have to insert the Ethernet cable in your Roku device before switching on the device.

If you are using a wireless connection, navigate to the section of wireless networks in the menu. Now select your home network. At last, enter your Wi-Fi password and connect with your device.

Download and update the Roku software

After starting your Roku streaming device, you have to look for software updates. If there is any update, the device will automatically download or update the latest version. After completing the latest software download, users need to restart their TV.

Set up display options in your device

After updating the software, Roku will automatically scan your HDMI connection and set up the best available resolution. If you want to change the display, you can adjust it by navigating to the settings and display type section.

If you have a 4K UHD or HDR, ensure that all your HDMI connections support HDCP 2.2. Besides this, ensure that your device is connected to a compatible 4K UHD or HDR TV. If your Roku device is not working, then you have to check whether your HDMI cables are firmly attached to your device. If it is showing any error or is still unable to connect, repeat the process.

It’s time to set up the Roku TV enhanced remote

If you have it’s enhanced remote with TV power and volume buttons, you have to set the Roku TV enhanced remote. For setting up your Roku TV enhanced remote, navigate to the check remote settings. The moment you connect your Roku device, it will automatically update enhanced remote. If you want to restore your previous remote settings, you can change the settings by moving to settings.

Firstly move to the settings option.

Next, tap on the remotes & devices icon.

Select remote.

Hit the option of set up remote for TV control.

Lastly, set up a Roku account and activate your streaming device

For activating the Roku device, the users need to create an account. To set up your streaming device, the users need to fill in their login credentials, including username and password. After that, users need to link their Roku device through a smartphone or computer. You will get it’s activation link in your Email. Check your spam and junk folder if you don’t find the activation link in the inbox. Tap on the activation link, and you are all set to go.

Channels available for free on Roku TV

You can stream all the latest and trending shows on Roku TV because it supports the working of all the top and trending channels and apps. It has more than 4000 paid and free channels, movies, TV shows, etc. So to enjoy your favorite show, you need to get a subscription to those channels. The Roku soundbars and TV commits to provide you with cinematic experiences at home. Roku has entertainment for everyone, both for adults as well as children. Some of the channels available at Roku are Tubi TV, Cartoon Network, Sky News, Come TV, Channel, etc.

Spectrum TV app on Roku

To enjoy Spectrum TV on your Roku device, you need to sign up for Spectrum TV and an internet subscription. To experience a plethora of smooth internet and epic entertainment, the users can download it on Spectrum TV app. By downloading Spectrum TV on Roku, users will enjoy live TV 80 networking apps, including CNN, STARZ, MAX GO, etc. Besides all the live TV and networking apps, you will also get On Demand TV Shows and movies, everything backed by power-packed high-speed spectrum internet. Spectrum TV app is available on Roku Ultra, premiere, express, TV, Roku (2,3,and 4), and streaming stick devices.

Step guide for installing Spectrum TV app

If you want to install Spectrum TV app on Roku, follow the steps given below: –

Step 1: For installing the Spectrum TV app on Roku, the users need to sign up on the official website of Spectrum.

Step 2: Type www.spectrum.net/login in your web browser will redirect you to the official website of Spectrum TV.

Step 3: Sign in to your account if you already have an account, and in case you don’t have one, then create one.

Step 4: That’s it create your account and sign in.

Step 5: Open your TV, and move to the play store or Roku app store.

Step 6: Hit the search bar and type Spectrum Tv.

Step 7: From the drop-down list, select spectrum TV.

Step 8: Install the spectrum TV app on your device.

Step 9: After completing the installation, open the app.

Step 10: The app will ask you to enter your spectrum TV login credentials (username and password) in the designated column.

Step 11: Lastly, tap on the icon of Sign in, and there you go.

The moment you sign in to your Spectrum account on your device, you will be able to access live TV categories, favorite channels, etc. The programs you will enjoy after installing Spectrum TV depend on your Spectrum TV subscription package and whether you are connected to Spectrum internet service at home.

If you want to sign up TV app on your Roku, navigate to www.roku.com and create a new account there. After that, you have to follow all the onscreen instructions for signing up spectrum TV app. And To add Spectrum TV channel on Roku, the users need to connect their Roku player to the internet. Next, you have to move to the channel store and type Spectrum TV with the help of Roku.

How to watch live TV on Roku?

The attractive features of Roku available at low cost make it very demanding in the market. It provides streamer Dolby Atoms audio, 4K, and HDR 10 to its viewers to make their experience amazing. No matter how many web series or digital content we create, live TV has always been special, and it will remain exceptional. Watching live TV is next-level fun.

Many people prefer live jamming, watching live movies, etc., on live TV. The best part of Live TV is that one can enjoy live sports without paying any additional charges. So if you love jamming live sports, music, and movies, then Roku will not disappoint you for sure.

The Roku also avails a handful of streaming channels. It means that the users can enjoy live TV and various streaming channels all on one device. But remember that watching live TV can make your pocket a little heavy as it consumes more internet. Watching live TV can put pressure on your pocket, so you should be prepared for it.

How to contact the Roku device helpdesk?

If you are facing any problem in setting up your Roku device or having problems streaming Roku, I suggest you inquire to the helpdesk regarding such matters. For contacting the Roku device helpdesk, you can use the following mode of communication: –

Address: 1155 Coleman Ave. San Jose, CA 95110

Email id: generalcounsel@roku.com

Contact number: 408 556 9391

Fax number: 408 364 1260

Frequently asked questions

What is a Roku device?

Ans. In simple words, This is a streaming device that allows its users to access video and audio content on a TV. On Roku devices, one can access digital streaming content like Netflix, HBO Now, PBS, Apple TV, Hulu, etc., on its devices. Besides this, the users can enjoy plenty of channels, and all the services and devices are powered by its software. To conclude, This is an unbeatable combination of streaming players and efficient software. And the access to Roku is also effortless. One can access it through a TV remote or smartphone app available free of cost. The general pricing of the its devices starts from $ 29.99 for the primary streaming player, and depending on the models you choose; it can be as high as $ 179.99.

Is there any need to pay for a subscription with Roku?

Ans. If you are looking for a subscription with Roku, then let me inform you that there is no additional annual or monthly subscription fee for it. The users can unlock all the smart features of the Roku device no matter if they purchase Roku TV, streaming stick, or soundbar. But if you want additional streaming services like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, etc., you definitely need to get a subscription to these channels.

Final words

That was all about what is Roku and how does it works. I believe the article provides you with detailed knowledge about its devices. If you still have any queries or questions in your mind, then please write your Roku-related queries in the comment section. I will try to answer all your related queries as soon as possible. For more device activation and Techno related articles, please subscribe to the website.

Kindly write your feedback and reading experience in the comments for further improvement.

If you are facing any issues or problems while setting up your device, I will recommend you contact the helpdesk of Roku. That’s it for now; if the blog post was helpful for you, please share it with others.

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