What are android 11 issues

What are Android 11 issues?

Android 11 issues: Today we all use Android phones; it is a kind of necessity that we need for easy living. Almost every person has an Android phone to make their lifestyle easy and luxurious. Android phones are the need of the hour; we can’t imagine our lives without smartphones. With time the phone starts lagging, and we don’t know why this happens. All our important documents, schedules, conversations, contact number, etc., are stored on our phones.

Imagine you are in trouble, and you need to make an urgent call or send some urgent document to someone, and suddenly, your phone lags out of nowhere. Situations like this are real as well as relatable. In today’s article, I will be discussing the Android 11 issues. If you are unaware of what leads to your phone lagging, you should read this article. Being an Android user, you should be aware of Android 11 issues, and I recommend you read the article until the end to become a pro in Android 11 issues. So without wasting further time, let’s dive into the discussion about Android 11 issues.

Why does your phone face issues?

With time the android phones start lagging. It’s because we need to update our phones from time to time. The world is going fast to keep pace with the fastest moving and the growing world; we need android phones. But Android phones need an update to keep pace with the advancing technology. The technology also needs to adapt itself according to the user’s needs. Android is among the most significant developments of Google that powers most smartphones, making them advanced and speedy. The latest update of Android is the 11th major release, and it is the 18th version launched on 08th September 2020. And currently, around 12.44% of android users are using Android 11. It is a handy update, but it has its issues. In the article, I will suggest you quick fixes of Android 11 issues. So to fix your Android 11 issues, read the article till the end.

What are Android 11 issues?

Android OS is always ready to update itself to meet the increasing demands of the users and keep pace with the upgrading technology. But within a month of the Android 11 update, the users started complaining about bugs and performance problems in their android phones. There is a total of 58 updates in Android 11. Every update fixes a problem, but on the other hand, it leads to some other issue. Below I will be providing you with some common Android 11 issues. Read the article carefully to get the solution to Android 11 issues.

Pixel Android 11 issues

Pixel users are seriously disappointed by the Android 11 update because the Android 11 update is causing many problems right from the installation. There were many cases of data lost after installing Android 11. Besides the data loss problem, pixel users were facing the problem with third-party and first-party applications. The Android 11 update was so drastic for pixel users as it led to multitasking issues, battery drain, voice problems, etc. Gaming controllers were the most influenced due to breaking in the support for gaming controllers. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have any solution to fix the issues of pixel Android 11 problems to date.

The list of Android 11 problems doesn’t end here. It leads to connectivity issues, multitasking problems, UI Iag, and media control problems in pixel phones. With time the problem starts increasing, and it will increase more as the number of users downloading the new version increases.

Android 11 issues in Samsung

Other than Pixel users, Samsung users also faced many issues over the Android 11 update. Samsung users are not able to sync calendars or contact. Auto-sync was most affected due to the Android 11 update; auto sync is not working even though the Auto Sync is on. And the problem of Auto-sync was reported by many users; almost every Samsung user faced this problem.

The second most irritating Android 11 issue that Samsung users faced was lagging of phones while picking up the call. Besides these two camera night modes, phone lagging while navigating between the apps, quick battery drain, and weak network connection are other problems Samsung users face.

One plus Android 11 issues

Android 11 issues

Only One plus 7 and One Plus 7T users faced problems due to the Android 11 update. Similar to Samsung and pixel users, the most common issues faced by One plus 7 and One plus 7T users were excessive battery draining, UI lags, overheating, dropping frame rates, etc. Like Pixel users, many One plus 7 and 7T users faced bad gaming experiences because of drop-in frame rates.

The phone started taking a lot of time in loading apps was the most irritating thing because obviously, who will like to wait in this fast running world. Delayed notifications, network connectivity, lag in scrolling, crashing of apps are other issues that join the list of Android 11 problems.

The recent Android 11, known as Oxygen OS version, relieved One plus users because it fixed many bugs caused by the Android 11 update. But the new version could not restore the speed and smoothness of One plus phones, and the update was not good enough to fix all the issues and get the device up.

Android 11 issues in Motorola edge

How can we forget Motorola Edge while talking about Android 11 issues? Motorola edge is one of the most affected phones. Android 11 caused various problems for Motorola users; some of them are as follows: –


Unable to resize split-screen:

Motorola users are not able to resize split-screen windows. According to users, the split-screen window couldn’t be resized anymore because the ratio is locked at 50:50. And because they cannot resize the split-screen window, they cannot multitask.

Auto-shutdown of the app:

After the Android 11 update, the users faced the problem of not working of scheduled power off, and other than this, users also observed difficulties in the phone’s auto-brightness feature.

Animation lag on the home screen:

The other issue faced by my Motorola users is animation lag on the home screen, and this is one of the most common problems faced by almost every Motorola user.

Delayed launch app:

Many users observed delays in launching the app. In some instances, tapping on the app leads to the disappearance of the app icon for a second, and it affects the app’s speed.

Fingerprint lock issues:

Users reported that the fingerprint scanner persists in the lock screen, and a peek display was also common in such cases.

Flickering screen:

The flickering of the screen while tapping the split-screen adjustment bar. Many Motorola users reported that the split-screen flickers while tapping the adjustment bar or mid bar.

Android 11 problems in Nokia

How can Nokia remain untouched when talking about Android 11 issues? Like other Android phone users, Nokia users also faced many problems after updating Android 11. Common bugs reported by Nokia users are Gmail app issues, NFC read errors, and crashing internal storage. Other issues Nokia users face are unable to cut the calls, network issues, connectivity problems, and many more. On Nokia’s part, delay in providing updates is the said reason behind all these bugs. For now, Nokia has provided the Nokia 8.3 5G update.

Possible ways of fixing Android 11 update issues?

There are no verified ways of fixing bugs caused by the Android 11 update, but there are ways through which we can reduce the impact of the Android 11 update. No one can fix the Android 11 issues until Google decides, but we can prepare our phones to update by modifying the settings. So below, I will be telling you the necessary drill you should do before doing the Android 11 update.

Prepare your android phone for the update

It’s always better to prepare your phone before updating because you don’t know what’s coming your way. So it’s better to take preventive measures rather than running in search of a cure. The software defects of any update are unpredictable, and one can never predict how the update will affect your phone, so it’s better always to prepare your android phone before the update.

To ensure minimum damage to your phone and minimize the effect of the update on the software, you should always prepare your phone for the update. Here are some pre-installation hacks and drills that one should try before updating your phone.

Back up all the files

To prevent data loss, make sure to back up all your important files, documents, and pictures before making any updates. Though data loss is pretty rare, even in the Android 11 update, only a few users reported this problem, but as I said above, prevention is always better than cure. So it’s better to back up all your essential documents and files rather than ranting about the data lost after the update.

I know data loss is an exception but what if you are that exception and become a victim of data loss? It’s always better to be on the safe side. If you firmly believe that this can never happen to you, I recommend you turn on auto back up for your essential documents. Trust me and turn on auto back up; you will thank me later for that.

You have to be familiar with Android 11

Before making any update, it’s better to have a brief knowledge about that update and changes that will take place after the update. It’s always better to have an idea of an update. So before installing the Android 11 update on your phone, it’s better to get a brief idea of Android 11 issues that you may face after updating the phone. It would help if you read about the changes and problems of any update and then prepare your phone according to those issues. It’s better to strategize and prepare before war instead of barbering about aftereffects.

Assemble your login information

In many instances, the update logged out users of all logged-in places, so it’s better to assemble your login information to various websites and apps for being on the safe side. However, the chances of logging out of apps after making any update are very low, but still, as I always say, it’s why to take the chance when you can play safe. After updating, collecting login information will save your time and energy if you forget your password or user Id.

Read the Android 11 feedback

We live in a digital world where feedback is the most important thing. We don’t purchase any product without reading the feedback; how come you can update your phone before reading the feedback. If you own an old model phone, you should definitely read the feedback before making Android 11 because the new update can be drastic for old phones. By reading the feedback of the Android 11 update, you will come to know the Android 11 issues and decide whether you want to update your device.

Many online review websites provide feedback; you can read feedback or use social media to gather the Android 11 update feedback. You should ensure that the feedback you are reading is for your model, not other models of your phone’s brand. And don’t forget to read Android 11 issues on your phone. The purpose of reading the feedback is to prepare your phone for the problems that will take place after the update.

Free up the storage

One thing you should know before updating the phone is that the Android 11 update takes space, so you need to free up space before installing the update. You can free up the space by deleting some unused or not-required files. Or, if you don’t have any unnecessary files on your phone, you can transfer some data to another device.

It would be best if you find fixes for the potential problems

All the above-given precautions were for those who haven’t installed the Android 11 update on their phone. But if you have already updated your phone and are facing Android 11 problems, you should try finding out the possible solutions to those issues. Talk to the IT manufacturer of your device and identify the solutions that you can implement quickly.

Do check with IT

And the best way to understand the aftereffects of any update is to contact the IT department of your phone manufacturers. They will make you know the update’s features and problems.

Always check app reviews

Always remember to read app reviews before making any updates. If the auto-update of your phone is off, then you should check for updates and make updates if there are any. And yes, always read the reviews before making any update. Do not forget that the latest version of the app is always effective and compatible with newly updated software. So it’s always a good idea to update all the apps, and reading the reviews before making an update is an even more good idea.

Know the process of degrading

And if you want even a safer side, you should know the method of degrading the Android 11 update to Android 10. It is the best option because by doing this, you will be able to reverse the changes of Android 11, and you can revert to Android 10. Undoubtedly, Android 10 is not problematic for every device. Still, if you are facing a problem with your device after making the update, I recommend you be familiar with the process of degrading to Android 10. In the article below, I will tell you how to degrade Android 11 to Android 10 on your phone. So read the next unit of the article very carefully.

Things required for degrading Android 11 to Android 10

For degrading your android phone into Android 10, you need to have the following things beforehand: –

  • Firstly you need to have a personal computer.
  • Next, you need a high-speed stable internet connection to avoid buffering and network errors.
  • And lastly, you need to have a USB cable for connecting your personal computer with your Android device.

Method of degrading Android 11 to Android 10

If your phone does not support the Android 11 update, the only option you have is to return to Android 10. Here I would like to give you a word of caution, and that is you should back up all your files and documents before degrading your phone to Android 10. If you don’t know the method of degrading to Android 10, then please follow the steps given below: –

  1. To initiate the degradation process, you should download Android 10 downgrade firmware.
  2. You need to extract the firmware to a convenient location at your personal computer.
  3. Type the Odin tool in your phone.
  4. Install the Odin tool on your android phone.
  5. Extract Odin tool.
  6. Now, you should boot your device to download mode
  7. With the help of the Odin tool, install Samsung Android 10 downgrade firmware on your Android device.

Follow the steps given below to degrade your android device to Android 10: –

  1. First, you need to connect your android device to a personal computer. Use a USB cable for that.
  2. You have to launch the Odin tool on your phone.
  3. Click on BL, AP, CS, and CSC files to load them on Odin. Upload all these files on Odin.
  4. Wait for the completion of the upload.
  5. After loading all the files, navigate to options.
  6. Tap on the icon of Auto-reboot and F. Reset Time.
  7. Hit the start icon. Now you will receive a pass message after completing the installation.

Final words

I will suggest that Android OS in the world is best suited to meet the ends and demands of the current situation. Before updating the software, the users should upgrade their device hardware – it’s a common problem surfacing after the upgrade. So I suggest you make all the necessary changes required before updating your Android phone. If you feel that you need some help, you can seek help from customer service and inquire about the issues you are facing. There is no shame in seeking help as everyone cannot become a master in IT.

That was all about Android 11 issues. If you are still facing any problems or doubts, please feel free to ask them in the comments. Don’t forget to write the name of your Android device along with the issue. I will try to resolve all your Android 11 issues as soon as possible. If you want more techno and issues fixing articles like this, please subscribe to the website. For further improvement in the blog post, kindly write your feedback and reading experience in the comments. And yes, if the article rescued your phone, please share it with others.

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