How to activate Home Test Kit through “Letsgetchecked.”?

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Letsgetchecked is Personal health testing online platform that offers people a convenient way to observe their health. It is a New York, America-based organization. Globally, customers are connecting with Letsgetchecked. It serves home test kits and various tests, including men’s tests, women’s tests, wellness, sexual health, and Corona virus. Letsgetchecked has their Application. You can download it and activate it on your device, and it will conveniently help you with your online health information. You can test more than 30 and get the reports in 2-5 days, and they provide free shipping from both sides. Letsgetchecked test requires costs, and you can order it at your place.

We will discuss more Letsgetchecked and the home test kit activation. If you face any troubling technology or activation problems, we have also discussed those points. Let’s read the article carefully.

Activation of Your test kit through Letsgetchecked.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate your test kit via Letsgetchecked.

Here are the steps:

  • First, Open the browser and visit the “Letsgetchecked” activation page on any PC, laptop, Smartphone, or tablet. (letsgetchecked.com/activate)
  • Now, when you reach the page, it will ask to enter the activation code in two columns, “Test Alpha Code” and “Test Numerical Code.”
  • After that, click on “Continue” and follow the further steps.
  • The next tab will ask you to enter the two codes one more time. (Alpha code and numerical code)

(Note: Test Alpha code is about six letters, and test numerical code is about 12 digits.)

· After entering the codes, search for the alpha and numerical codes in the text box, or you can scan the QR code.

· Once all these are complete, click on the “Continue” button to proceed.

· Next, you can see the contact information page displayed on your screen.

· Please enter your valid phone number and click on the “Send verification code” to verify your phone number.

· The verification code is about six digits through SMS; it contains a time limit. If you didn’t get any verification code, you could click on the “Resend” option.

· Once you receive the code, click on the “Submit code” button.

· All the Test related responses, such as medical records address, are mentioned on the page, so they will be easy to find.

· Now, you can select the date and timing for the test sample. You have to schedule it from Monday to Thursday before 10 am. For blood samples, they have other schedules.

· Once you have scheduled it, your test is now activated.

Activation issues and trouble in Sign-in

If you face a problem reaching your account or have any technical issues, you don’t have to worry about it. We will help you with it. Follow the steps given below.

Here are the steps:

  • First, you have to create an account to activate your kit. Follow the given steps to create an account:

1. Visit the activation page at (letsgetchecked.com/activate)

2. Now go to the Homepage, find the “Activate test” option and click on that.

3. After that, enter the codes (Alpha and Numerical) and click on the “create an account” option.

4. On creating the account page, you will require to enter the essential details and follow the further instructions.

  • If you make your payment through App pay or Google Pay, you only reach the account once. Next time you will be unable to access your account. Your order is placed from the guest account.
  • Once your order is confirmed and received the kit, follow the activation steps and turn it on.

Where can I find Alpha Code?                     

You can find the Alpha code on the inner cover of the test kit. This alpha code is also written on your patient Kit ID card, and it is six character rows without any space. You have to enter the Alpha code in the provided area on the activation page, which will require while activating.

Numerical code

Numerical code is about 15 digits and characters; it always starts with “LGC” and then numeric form. You can find this numeric code on the inside cover of the kit and see it in the patient Kit ID card. The patient card will receive you with the kit. Make sure to check the activation code before entering it.

Letsgetchecked online services

Users can get various convenient ways through Smartphone such as:

  • Users can contact the care team 24/7, anytime, and anywhere.
  • You can track your lab and health details from a place.
  • Link your all reliable and wearable data to know more insight into health.
  • You can get treated conveniently with the Letsgetchecked E-Rx system.

Contact Information

If you want more information or have any queries and doubts, you may contact the Letsgetchecked support team. They will respond to you as soon as possible. You can go through the official page and find the solution. Here are the customer support details:

Contact number:

  • (315) 508-7414

Bulk buying or partnership opportunities:

  • insidesales@letsgetchecked.com
  • (315) 515-5571

Official Web address:

·      www.letsgetchecked.com


This article is all about the activation of the test kit through Letsgetchecked, and we have described almost every simple step for activation. If you still have any doubts and queries, you may leave them in the comment section we would like to help you. This article is valuable and helpful to you. In the comment box, let us know and provide us with your feedback.

Thanks for reading.

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