How to update AirPods

How To Update AirPods? Update your Airpods

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How to update AirPods – The article will talk about airpods. It will explain to the reader how to update airpods. Through this article, you can update your airpods quickly and easily in just a few simple steps. Just like Mac, iPhones, and iPad, Apple constantly releases updates. Updates are to fix the other potential issues.

How to update AirPods max firmware?

If you have standard airpods or airpods pro, you must know there is no software update button. Hence, you have to play gymnastics if you want to update your airpod max. Here are the steps of updating your airpods max. I am sure it will be helpful to you.

Step 1: Firstly, take your airpods and your iPhone and connect them.

Step 2: After connecting them with each other, start playing something and listen to the audio. You have to continuously listen to the audio for a minimum of thirty seconds of period time.

Step 3: Now, when the thirty seconds get completed, you have to pause the audio to proceed further.

Step 4: You have to put it back in the airpod case.

Step 5: After this, you have to plug the airpods into power and move further.

Step 6: You have to place both the airpods and the iPhone device in the same place.

Step 7: Wait for some time.

Note: Please note that patiently wait for a few minutes because if it is interrupted in between, then you have to start the whole process again. Just take a look to ensure that it is in the process of updating.

How to update AirPods firmware?

If you don’t know what firmware version you have or how to update airpods firmware, then you are at the right place. Here you can learn the tips and tricks to update your airpods. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: You first need to connect both the devices, i.e., the airpod and the iPhone.

Step 2: Take your iPhone then and visit the iPhone settings.

Step 3: After clicking on the settings app. A new screen will appear, with a list of options to choose the Bluetooth option.

Step 4: On your airpod, you will have an ‘i’ icon, where you have to click.

Step 5: There will be an option of about. Click on that to proceed.

Step 6: It will take you to a new screen, the details page, where you can see which version you are using.

Step 7- If you think there is a software update available for the model, you can force update it according to your convenience.

Note: If you have an old version or model of iOS, you have to first click on the name of the model, and then you can see the details or the about page.

Is it essential to update the AirPod?

Yes, you should update the airpods if a software update is available. But it is very tricky to update airpods in comparison to iPhone and iOS. And for your knowledge, Apple does not release new airpods firmware versions nearly.

What is firmware?

To provide a feature and functionality to the users, firmware and runs on some devices only. You can take it as an operating system for devices like airpods. For instance, just like the new versions of the iOS comes with a feature of bug fixation and update to the iPhones, the same way airpods firmware work the same way for the Apple wireless earbuds.

Latest airpods firmware versions

  1. First-generation – 6.8.8 ( Airpods)
  2. Second generation – 3A283 ( Airpods Pro)

How to manually update the AirPods?

To manually update your airpods, you can try to do a force update on your device. But if you have an airpod firmware, then you can update it by following these steps.

Step 1: Place both the airpod and the iPhone near.

Step 2: Put the airpods in the smart case and connect them to the power to start the process securely.

Step 3: When you plug your iPods for charging, it will automatically start updating. But for safety measures, you can check also.

How to update AirPods software on Android or Windows?

As I said earlier also, updating an airpod is a big deal. And sadly, it has no button to update the airpods. But your mobile can do this process and ensure you a smooth experience without any hurdles in between. However, sometimes users get confused while they are implementing these things in the process.

Android or Windows

Firstly, you should know that a user can update their airpods using an iPad, iOS device, and macOS, not other than this. A user can choose to connect their airpods with an Android or a window, but they can not use these devices to update airpods. The androids and the windows do not have access to the apple server, which is the biggest reason they can not update the airpods.

Also, no third-party app in the market has access to Apple’s server and can do the update, and this is the biggest issue that buyers take a step back. There are so many other companies that provide more features at less cost.

Newest version

Mostly, every airpod supports the firmware updates. If you have the airpod 1,airpode max, or any other version, you can update them using the firmware. However, some airpods available in the market need the newest versions, such as iOS, macOS, and iPad. Whenever you feel like updating your airpods, you should install the latest OS version update.


You have to check whether the firmware is installed before updating your airpods. If you want to check out the firmware version you are using, then follow the steps.

Step 1: Go to the settings first.

Step 2: Select the Bluetooth option then.

Step 3: In the next step, you will see an ‘i’ symbol, and you have to click on that and proceed further.

Step 4: Scroll down a bit, and you will see the about page, where you will have all the essential details about the device. Here you will be able to know the version you are using.

How to update AirPods using firmware?

You should know that there is no force update for AirPods. But still, there are some ways to initiate this process.

Step 1: First, you have to charge the AirPods.

Step 2: After charging both the AirPods to at least 50% then you have to connect the AirPods with your iPhone device to begin the process.

Step 3: You have to use the headphones the way you regularly use them, and the update process will continue in the background.

Step 4: Ensure that your iPhone is already connected to the wifi.

Step 5: You have to be very sure that the device’s battery saver mode is not accessible.

Step 6: Make sure that you install the latest version of the macOS and iOS.

Step 7: If you have tried everything, but nothing worked for you. In the case when nothing helps you, you should reset your AirPods for smooth functioning.

It would be best if you had to update the airpods using the newest iOS version only. This installation process is complicated for some users, but you can easily do it using the above procedure.

Important points

  • You have to ensure that your AirPods are fully charged. Put the AirPods in the charging case and connect them to the power source to charge. You can charge the AirPods using the lightning cable or by a wireless charger. This charging process is for all airport models. This airport update can not take place if the device has a low battery.
  • The firmware update of the AirPods are usually short, but a user can not update using the cellular data. It always needs a wifi network connection. Apple devices do not allow their customers to perform updates with cellular data.
  • Ensure that battery saving is turned off in your device. Suppose the battery-saving mode is on. All the activities that are going on in the background will fail. It also means that better saving mode can not proceed with the update.
  • Please note that few firmware updates need the latest version to update. So, ensure that you have the newest model of the iOS or iPad’s, etc. You can take an example of an apple airpod. The apple airpod spatial audio works only in the iOS 14 version.

How to update AirPods 4A400 from AirPods pro?

Updating an airpod 4A400 from airpods pro is not an easy task to do. You have to follow the same steps as given above. First, charge the airpods by placing them in the charging case and connecting it to the power source. Leave it for some time. Now, click the airpods with the iPhone device and proceed. After pairing it up with the iPhone, you need to wait for a few minutes till the process gets complete.

How to update your AirPods location?

Undoubtedly, airpods are the most convenient and classy headphones on the market. Relatively, it brings fear of losing the airpods anywhere because of the small structure. But if you are also facing a problem and are not able to find your airpod. You can take our help through which you can easily find your airpods. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Open the app: find my iPhone.

Step 2: You have to log in to your account using your Apple id and the password.

Step 3: A new list of several options will display on your screen. In the list, you have to find your airpod name and click on that.

The following steps are for those users who have iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch.

These steps should be followed by the MacBook users only. The steps are-

Step 1: Visit iCloud and log in to the account using your user name and the password.

Step 2: Launch the find my iPhone app to process further.

Step 3: Find and tap on the option of all devices.

Step 4: Click on your airpods to move further.

Final words

The article is about how to update airpods. It has all the different ways through which you can update your airpods. You can update your airpods by connecting both the device and the airpods. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you can leave the comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you can write them in the comments section below.

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