How to Transfer Text Messages to New iPhone

How to Transfer Text Messages to New iPhone – iCloud, iTunes, Mac

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The article is about How to transfer text messages to new iPhone using various methods such as using iCloud, iTunes etc. It will give you a detailed explanation and instructions on how to transfer text messages to new iphone.

How to transfer text messages to new iPhone using a mac?

If you wish to transfer your data to a new device but do not want to use the iCloud feature, you can share or transfer all the data and text messages using a Mac or a PC. It is a trustful and ancient way to transfer the data to a new device. A step guide is here to give you a brief explanation on how to transfer text messages to new iphone using a Mac or a PC.

Step 1- You have to first connect your current device to the Mac or the PC.

Note – These instructions apply to all those computers with macOS Catalina 10.15 version and above. But if you have an older version, you have to follow the same steps, but you have to use iTunes instead of using a finder or iCloud etc.

Step 2- Take your Mac and use the device to go to the finder.

Step 3- You will have a menu tab on the left side of your screen. Click on that and proceed.

Step 4- When you open the menu, you will see an option for location. But if it’s already open, then tap on your network name.

Step 5- After this, a new screen will appear on your screens which will be a page for the network details.

Step 6- You will see a backup now option on the same page, which you have to click to move further.

Step 7- When you click the backup button, it will start backing up the data and text messages, but you take your new iPhone before that.

Step 8- Start setting up your new iPhone.

Step 9- On the page when the device asks to choose the way to set up, you have to select the restore from backup option.

Step 10 – You will need to connect your iPhone to your computer first for backup.

Step 11- Click on the backup option button.

Step 12- It will start backing up your data and text messages on your new iPhone device.

How to transfer text messages to new iphone using iCloud?

The use of iCloud makes the transfer process easy for people. It is the simplest way to transfer messages from an old iPhone to a new iPhone device. Apple introduced the iCloud feature earlier in iOS 11.4, and it is an excellent feature using which a user can transfer their documents and data. After you begin to use it, you will see that it works similar to iCloud sync.

The iCloud sync works like you upload data to iCloud, and then you have to log in to another device but to the same account to transfer the messages. And one of the best things about this feature is that it can transfer both standard SMS text messages and iMessages. You follow these steps, and you will transfer all your messages to your new iPhone device.

Step 1- Take your old iPhone device and go to the settings app on the phone.


If you have access to a Wi-Fi connection, use the Wi-Fi connection because it will make your transfer process very quick. However, you can also do the process using a cellular network.

Step 2- On the next web page, you will see your network name and click on your network name.

Step 3- After clicking on your network name, you will reach the details page to see an iCloud option.

Step 4- Press the iCloud option to proceed further.

Step 5- You will see all your apps have a slider in front of them. Here only, you will see an option for messages to turn on by sliding the button towards the right-hand side.

Step 6- When you slide the message button to go green, it will transfer your messages to your iCloud account.

Step 7- Take your new iPhone now. On your new iPhone, you have to log in to the same iCloud account.

Step 8- After logging in to your account, follow the same procedure, and you will be able to get your messages back on your new iPhone. Your new iPhone will instantly download all the text messages after enabling the iCloud on your new iphone device.

How to transfer text messages to new iphone without iCloud?

But what if you have an old version of iOS 11.4, or you do not want to pay the charges for messages in iCloud. No worries, you can still back up your data and the text messages.

Step 1- You have to first plug in your old iPhone.

Step 2- Ensure that you are connected to a wifi network.

Step 3- Go to the settings then.

Step 4- Now, you have to enter the Apple I’d and the password.

Step 5- Search your old iPhone in the list and tap on that.

Step 6- After clicking on the network name, you will see whether your iCloud backup is on or not.

Step 7- To check whether your messages are on the backup list or not. You have to go the back up now and see whether the button beside the message option is on or off.

Latest Backup:

In this way, you have to sync your new iPhone device using the latest backup from your old device.

  • First, switch on your new iPhone device.
  • Go through the above-given step process if you have already done also, then do it again to start the process again.
  • Visit the settings area and then go to general. After that, go to the reset option.
  • Select the erase all the files and data and settings.
  • During setting up the device, it will ask you to choose the method you want to set up, then select the and click on the backup button.
  • Your new iPhone device will automatically start downloading all the messages and the data in your new device.

After the downloading process gets complete, all your older messages will be on your new iPhone.

How to transfer text messages to new iphone using iCloud backup?

Suppose you want to transfer your text messages to your new iPhone but do not want to use iCloud and other methods. Then you can quickly get your data back using the iCloud backup. Suppose you have an older phone and do not wish to save your texts in the iCloud and make the storage too heavy. Also, you do not want to pay an extra amount for iCloud storage, and you can use the iCloud backup. The steps to transfer text messages to a new iphone using the iCloud backup are here for you.

Step 1- Take the iphone device you use at the current time and click on the settings app from the phone.

Step 2- Click on your network name, which will display on your screens.

Step 3- Select the iCloud option, which will show after tapping on your network name.

Step 4- After this, click on the iCloud backup option, which will be at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5- To start transferring the data, click on the back up now option button, and it will start backing up the data right there. The time of backing up the data depends on the size of the files and folders and depends upon the internet connection and speed of the connection. Also, it may be possible that it will need to upgrade your iCloud storage if your data is too heavy.


In case you did not click on the backup button, but your phone is plugged into the power and connected to the wifi network, and your screen is locked. At this time, it will automatically start backing up the data.

Step 6- After the process gets complete, you have to begin setting up your new iPhone.

Step 7- In the next step, what you have to do is at one point in time, it will ask you how you want to set up; then, you have to choose the restore from backup option. When you select the iCloud backup, all your data will back up from your old device to your new iPhone device, including all your text messages and the iMessages.

How to transfer text messages to new iPhone 13 from android with PhoneTrans?

PhoneTrans is a convenient tool that allows phone users to transfer data from a phone to another phone. This phoneTrans will enable you to transfer your data quickly and will enable you to merge iPhones and clone iPhones. You can selectively back up the details in this or can also fully back up your details. It also gives you a chance to transfer Viber, line and WhatsApp details. The steps are

Step 1- On your computer, you have to download the phoneTrans application.

Step 2- Open the application on the computer and click on the phone backup.

Step 3- After this, you have to choose whether you want a selective part to back up or full data backup. Choose accordingly.

Step 4- You have to confirm the device you want to back up to and then tap on the backup button to move forward.

Step 5- Afterwards, you will see all the data will back up on your old device.

Now it’s your turn to back up data on your new iPhone device.

Step 1- After the process gets completed, you have to visit the phone restore option of your phone.

Step 2- Tap on the network name and confirm for backup.

Step 3- Select the selective restore option on your screen.

Step 4- Tap on the messages option for backup.

Step 5- At last, click on the restore now button, which will restore all your data to your new iPhone using the phoneTrans.

Final words

This article was all about how to transfer text messages to the new iPhone using various instruments like iCloud and iTunes etc. It has all the step guides and instructions on how to transfer text messages to the new iphone from the old iphone. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may leave comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you can write them down in the comments box. Hope to hear from you soon.

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