How to speed up a video on iPhone

How To Speed Up A Video On iPhone?

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The article will give you a brief detail on how to speed up a video on iPhone. It will provide you with the instructions and the guidance to speed up videos on different models of iPhone. The basics may be similar for all of the iphone models, but there will be a slight change in the steps.

About iMovie app

If an iPhone user wishes to speed up a video recorded at the normal speed, they can download an iMovie app on their phone. Using this iMovie app, the users can speed up or slow down any video. If you want to speed up a slow-motion video of your iPhone, you can do the edits in your iPhone’s Photos app on your iphone. Using the photos app of your iphone, you will be able to speed up your video.

The iphone has a slow-motion recording mode that makes editing easy and quick. You can use special effects on the iphone that was so expensive a few years ago, but the iphone slow-motion recording mode makes it easy to slow down any video of your choice. But if you want to speed up your video, then also the iphone has a feature to speed your video.

Yes, you can speed up your videos on your iphone, but it depends on how you do it and what kind of a video it is. For instance, if you have recorded a video on your iphone using the slow-motion recording feature, you can revert it at a normal speed using the photos app. It is very quick and easy. But if you want to speed up a normal video, you have to do the editing in the iMovie app.

How to speed up a video on iMovie on an iphone?

If you want to speed up a normally recorded video, you can do the needful using the iMovie app. A detailed description of how to speed up a video on an iPhone is here. If you also want to do it then, you may take the help of the step guide, which is here for your use.

Step 1- Firstly, you have to go to your Apple Store and search for the iMovie app by typing iMovie in the search box.

Step 2- Click the search icon and proceed further.

Step 3- Go to the first result of your search and click on the install button to download the amount.

Step 4- Open the app and press the continue button to proceed further.

Step 5- You will reach a new screen where you will see a plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Further Steps:

Step 6- Press the plus sign to add a new movie for editing.

Step 7- A new page will pop up on your screen to see a movie button; click on the movie option and move further.

Step 8- It will take you to a new page then which will be the editing page. Here click on the video clip in the timeline.

Step 9- You will see several editing tools there, with the help of which you can edit your videos.

Step 10- An icon that looks like a speedometer will be the speed option; click on that and move further.

Step 11- A dragger will be there with the help you have to drag the slider towards the right-hand side. The more you will drag, the faster the video will be. So, drag till you wish, and it will make the video faster than normal. The video preview will be there, which you can see and adjust as per your will.

Step 12- After finishing the video editing, click on the done option to proceed further.

Step 13- A share option will be there at the bottom of your screens which you have to choose. Save or share the video as per your choice.

How to slow down a speed-up video on an iphone?

The iPhone not only provides speeding up the video but also provides reverting it to its normal speed. If you also want to revert your slow-motion video into a normal one, you can take the help of our step guide, which will make the editing process easy and quick for you.

Step 1- Go to the photos app on your iPhone device.

Step 2- Press the albums at the bottom of your screens.

Step 3- Type slomo in the search box, and all the recorded slo-mo videos will display in front of you.

Step 4- Select the video you want to edit to a normal video.

Step 5- After selecting the video, click on the edit button and proceed further.

Step 6- Afterwards, you will teach a new screen to see the video timeline at the bottom. Signs to edit the content into a normal video or in the slow-motion video will appear. Click on the normal symbol and proceed.

Step 7- If you want to return the video to full speed, tap your finger on the very first drag bar on the left and hold, and drag it to the right. Take the full video at the end till the slow-motion section disappears.

Step 8- Press the done button and proceed further. After pressing the ok button, the video will automatically save at full speed. Also, if you want to restore the slow-motion video, you can do it again with the same procedure.

Final words

The article was all about how to speed up a video on an iphone. This article consists of instructions and guidance on speeding up a video and reverting it to a normal video. You can do all these on your device, and you only have to install the iMovie app on your phone. The iMovie app makes the proceeds of editing easy and quick for the users of iPhone. I hope you like the article. If you like the article, you may leave comments in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries, you can write them below in the comments box.

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