How to make games download faster on Xbox One

How To Make Games Download Faster on Xbox One ?

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How to make games download faster on Xbox One –Several ways will help you to improve the downloading speed on XBOX One. But remember, Large game files take time to download and ultimately slows down the speed. However, if you think that’s not the reason, you can try out the ways briefly explained in this article. You can add or do no other thing to improve the download speed on XBOX One magically. If you have an XBOX One, then you must know that you can play games only if you download them into the game library. Sometimes the download speed becomes slow, and it takes more than usual to download a game.

About XBOX One and How to make games download faster on Xbox One

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you must know about the XBOX One. It is a line of home video game consoles and successor to Xbox 360. The Xbox One was announced in May 2013, and it was launched in November 2013. It comes in two different bundles; Xbox One with Kinect and Xbox One without Kinect. The Xbox One gaming system has the best lineup of next-generation games. It also has independently published Indian games along with traditional games from big publishers.

Why is the XBOX One Download Speed Slow?

There may be several reasons that are making your Xbox one download speed slower. Downloading games in the Xbox One library requires a stable internet connection along with the space. It sometimes seems complicated to figure out why some of the devices don’t perform as fast as they are supposed to be. The slow download speed of the Xbox one may occur due to the background software. However, you may use some simple tips to fix the slow download speed of the Xbox One.

Different Ways for How to Make Games Download Faster on Xbox One

There are some simple tips/ways to improve the download speed of the Xbox One. You can try them instantly and check if it works. Sometimes our devices get stuffed up and become slow with pulling out too many instructions simultaneously. So, make sure something like this isn’t happening.

Use these simple ways to fix the downloading speed:

Closeout other Games and Apps

We generally use our devices while putting up another app or game on download. It works very well but not every time. If the downloading game is taking longer than usual, then you need to close the other games. There are chances that your Xbox one will run faster if you close out different games and apps. The device will be focused on downloading, and you can smoothly play your games later.

Check your Internet Connection

Having a stable Internet connection is necessary to download and view things online. If you have a poor internet connection, then it is almost impossible to download large game files. So, check your internet connection. If the downloading speed is disturbed suddenly, then it may happen because of the network. If the internet is facing network issues, then you need to wait until it gets fixed. Additionally, the download speed may be slow because of the internet router. Try rebooting your internet router by disconnecting and then reconnecting it.

Put less pressure on your Internet connection.

Putting excessive pressure on internet connection will slow down the downloading process. If you are using a shared internet connection connected to too many other devices, then it is likely to slow down the speed. A single wif-fi connection connecting to multiple devices runs slowly. If you disconnect wi-fi from other devices, then it may start working fine. So, disconnect internet connections from your laptops, Desktops, and Phones. It will strengthen the wi-fi connection with Xbox One that eventually improve the downloading speed.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Ethernet is the most common type of network cable. It will help you to connect two wired devices. An Ethernet Cable is considerably faster than a wi-fi connection. It also consists of several other advantages such as more stability and security. You can simply connect the Ethernet cable with your router and your Xbox One. After connecting, it will make the internet connection stronger and will probably speed up the downloading speed. But if the problem is in the router, then it will not work. So, you are requested to check your internet connection before adopting this way.

Pause other downloads

If either of those ways didn’t work for you, then you can try this option. When we align multiple downloads one after the other, this makes our devices slow, and as a result, the download speed reduces as well. If you have done something like that, then you should try downloading one game at a time. However, you can download the next one once the first one is complete.

Restart your XBOX One – How to make games download faster on xbox one

The first thing we do when our phone slows down or our PC stops working is restart. Sometimes restarting clear out any bugs or hiccups that might be causing the slower speed. If the internet is working fine and all the other games/apps are closed, the downloading speed is slow, then restart your Xbox One. Restarting the device sometimes fixes the problems. If you don’t know how to restart Xbox one, then follow the instructions –

  • Press the Xbox logo button on your controller.
  • Now, use the joystick to scroll straight to the system menu.
  • It will navigate you to the “Restart Console” and then press A to select it.

The console will turn off, and you can turn it on again. Later, check once again whether or not the downloading speed is working fine. If not, then there is another way of fixing this issue.

EndNote about how to make games download faster on xbox one

Those were the essential or straightforward tips to make games download faster on Xbox One. You don’t require any separate gadget to perform these ways. Basically, you need to check your internet connection first and then your Xbox One. Making a device perform too many tasks at once may cause problems. So, make sure you are not doing that because it will eventually affect the download speed. I hope you like this article, and it helped you to resolve your issue. However, if you have anything to add, then you can leave that in the comments. It would be nice to hear from you.

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