Amazone prime video error code 9345

How to fix Amazon prime video error code 9345?

If you have no idea how to fix Amazon prime video error code 9345, we got you covered. Sometimes, when we stream shows and movies online, it shows us errors. As you know, Amazon Prime Video is a widely known OTT platform that offers a wide variety of content. There are many other over-the-top platforms as well that offer unique content. But sometimes, you see errors that interrupt in between. Every error consists of a code that indicates the issue you are having while using this platform. So, if you see issues or errors on Amazon prime video with different codes, it will help you acknowledge the cause. This article will discuss how to fix Amazon prime video error code 9345. Along with that, we will take a look at other errors you might see while streaming the Amazon prime video on your device.

Why is Amazon Prime showing an Error?

Every Error code indicates why you have been interrupted in between the streaming. There could be any reason for Amazon Prime Video showing an error, and we will discuss the same in detail further in this article. However, if you see errors quite often, you need to make sure that your internet connection is active and has good speed.

As you know, you can’t stream content from any OTT platform unless you have an active internet connection. Other than that, you need to make sure that you have an active and valid subscription plan. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based platform, and you must have an active plan to stream the content available on it. If you don’t think that this is the case, you should check out the various ways and reasons that would justify this inconvenience.

How to fix Amazon prime video error code 9345?

You must know the reason behind a particular error you see on your screen. Amazon Prime Video Error code 9345 indicates a payment issue with your account. Payment issues occur when there is an insufficient balance in your account, and you have set the auto-payment method to buy a certain subscription plan every month. Other than that, if the payment you have made earlier is stuck or hasn’t been completed. In such cases, you need to wait for a while and then reopen the app. But if that does not work, then you can try the following ways to fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9345 –

Check the Payment Method

As mentioned before, the main reason behind the Amazon Prime Video Error code 9345 is payment issues. You must check the payment method or status to resolve this problem. If you set an auto-payment method, you should check if you have a sufficient balance in your bank account. Here are the steps to check the payment method and status of the Amazon Prime Video subscription plan –

Step 1: Open the Amazon app and log in to your account using your login credentials.

Step 2: You will see “Prime” appearing on top, click on it to know more about the membership.

Step 3: On the updated page, you will see “Manage my membership” click on it to proceed.

Step 4: You will see your plan and membership details here once you click on Manage Membership.

Step 5: In the drop-down menu, you will see “Membership update, continue, and more” click on it.

Step 6: Now, you can see the payment method and details.

You need to make sure that your card hasn’t expired and there isn’t any other default while continuing the membership. However, if there is any issue regarding making payment, you can change it right away. All you have to do is add a new card and have sufficient balance to resume the services. Several other ways would ensure that you can enjoy the Amazon Prime Video without any inconvenience.

See if there is any Update

If there is any update available for Amazon Prime Video, you should update it. We get regular update notifications on our devices. You must know that updating a particular app or software is crucial otherwise, and you won’t be able to access the new features added recently. If you don’t know if there is any update or not, you can go to the browser and type the app’s name in the search bar. You will see an “update” sign right beside the app. Click on it, and the app will get updated shortly. Using this same way, you can update various other apps as well, and you can also check if there is any update.

Check your internet connection.

The next factor that may cause this inconvenience is the internet connection. Streaming content online requires high-speed internet. So, you must have an active internet connection with good speed. If there is any network issue, then get it fixed. You can’t stream content on any over-the-top platforms unless your router is working fine. Check on another device if the internet is working or not. Suppose, if it isn’t, connect with your service provider and let them know that internet speed is too slow and isn’t working.

Reinstall the Amazon Prime App

Another way to tackle this situation is first closing the app. Wait for a couple of minutes and reopen the Amazon Prime Video App. See if it has started working and if not, you need to uninstall this app. After uninstalling the app, you need to install it again. When the installation process is over, you need to launch the app and use your credentials to log in to your Amazon Prime Video Account. The problem must be fixed by now, but if not, then you can contact the customer service of Amazon.

Contact Prime Video Help Desk

If the illustrated methods didn’t work to fix the Amazon Prime Video Error code 9345, you should contact the Amazon Prime Video Help Desk. Let them know that you see an error code on the screen. Do whatever they suggest, and then you can enjoy streaming Prime Videos. If you have no idea how to reach customer service, open the Prime Video App.

Go to My Stuff and then click on the little settings button appearing on top. Scroll down and click on “Help & Feedback.”You will find various ways to connect with the customer service of Prime Video. Tell them the issue you are facing and do whatever they are suggesting.

What are the different types of errors you may see on Amazon Prime?

Getting interrupted by an error is nothing but irritating. You must know what a particular error means. As mentioned before, every error we see on our screen has a particular number indicating the problem and its reason. It is beneficial to find a solution when you know what it is that’s causing the issue. So, if you see errors while streaming Amazon Prime Video, you should know what they are indicating. We will discuss a couple of error codes on the screen while streaming Amazon Prime Video. Read them carefully to find a reliable solution –

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9345

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9345 indicates that there is a payment issue. You can’t stream the Prime Videos without having an active membership plan. So, if there is any payment issue, you need to resolve it. Alternatively, if your card has expired and you haven’t changed the details as of yet, then you need to rectify it. Other than that, if you set the auto-payment to buy a monthly subscription plan, then check your account balance. If the balance is too low, then fix this if you want to stream the services of Amazon Prime Videos.

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 1060

If you see the Amazon Prime Video, Error code 1060 indicates a network connection problem. Such errors appear when equipment doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support high-definition streaming media content. Remember, if your device is unable to connect with Amazon’s server, it won’t play or download videos smoothly. There are a couple of ways that would help you to overcome this issue –

  • Exit running programs
  • If available, turn to an Ethernet connection
  • Disable the proxy server
  • Reset the router or modem
  • You must check the Bandwidth

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004

The Prime Video Error Code 5004 is an authentication error that appears when users attempt to log onto the Prime Video Servers. It is hard to resist yourself when you begin watching a season, and it becomes unbearable when an error pops up on the screen. So, you must know how to get rid of such errors when they appear on your screen. If you also see this error, it may be happening because of a poor internet connection.

To resolve this issue, you need to check your network and internet connection. Ensure the internet connection is stable, check your Amazon Prime Account membership plan, or reinstall the Amazon Prime Video App to avoid such errors.

Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7031

The Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7031 lets you know that the video is unavailable as we know that OTT platforms have an abundance of entertainment. However, not all movies and shows are available in every country. But when you try to access the same video, it shows Error code 7031. You will also see a link along with the error, and you need to click on it to know more about it. But if it is happening temporarily, you should close the app first. Wait for a couple of minutes and then relaunch the app. Other than that, you need to make sure that you have an active and stable internet connection.

How to fix Amazon prime video error codes?

Earlier, we have discussed various error codes that may appear on your screen while streaming Amazon Prime Video. You can resolve these issues by basic actions, and if they don’t work, you can contact customer support. Now, you can recognize the problem just by looking at the error code appearing on the screen. Remember, you can’t stream movies and shows from Amazon Prime Videos if you don’t have an active plan.

There are various membership plans available on Amazon. Not only streaming, but Amazon also offers numerous other benefits. You can check out the plans and benefits and then buy the membership right away. You also need to check if your previous membership ended or not. There are a couple of ways listed below to help you with the errors. Please read them carefully and then do whatever requires.

Turn it Off and then On again

When your Amazon Prime Videos have stopped working, the first and foremost thing you can do is turn off the device. Later, you need to wait for a while and turn on your device. See if it is working perfectly or not. It would be best if you recognized the issue of the error. We have mentioned the Amazon Prime Video Errors earlier in this article. Apparently, every code indicates the issue, and you can deal with it in a few basic ways. Turning off the app and then turning it on is one of them.

If you are using the browser, then try switching it

Every individual can stream Prime videos on a browser or app. So, if you see an error while using it on the browser, you can switch it. Logout if possible otherwise, close the browser. After some time, you need to open the browser and then go to the prime videos. Login to your account if required and see if you have the same problem again.

Check your Router and Internet Speed

All the over-the-top platforms need high-speed internet to stream videos. If your internet connection isn’t stable, you won’t be able to watch content on Amazon Prime. The only thing you can do in such a situation is contact your internet service provider. You can also try turning off the router and then turning it on to see it starts working fine. If not, consult the service provider and tell them that it’s not working and its speed is also slow. However, if there is a Network issue, you can’t do anything but wait.

Turn off your VPN

A Virtual Private Network can also cause problems. So, if you see an Amazon prime Video Error on your device’s screen, then you need to turn it off. But if you don’t use VPN, then don’t bother. You must know that the VPN is a private network across a public network that enables users to send/receive data across shared or other networks. There are various benefits of VPN, such as functionality, security, and management of the private network. If you are also using VPN, you should turn it off when you see an error on the screen. Subsequently, check for the changes that appeared on the screen and show the error code.

How to check if Amazon Prime Video is down?

If you cannot stream the Amazon Prime Video, you should check if it is down or not. You can check the same on any down detector or in the news. Generally, when something like this happens, the news travels fast, and you get to know. But if these aren’t the issue, you need to check your membership status and internet connection. You can use the ways we have discussed earlier if the Prime isn’t working or it is showing Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9345.

How to fix the download problem of Amazon Prime Video?

Not only Amazon Prime Video, but you can fix the other streaming apps problem too. As you know, you can download movies and shows if you have a valid subscription plan. You can set up the quality of the video and begin installing it. But if you are having a problem downloading the videos on Amazon Prime, you should check the internet connection. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to download when the internet is slow or out of service. But if that’s not the case, then you should check your device’s storage. If there is no space, delete the files you use rarely, and begin downloading the movies. However, if this doesn’t work, you can contact customer service and tell them about the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) Why did Amazon prime stop working on my Smart TV?

As you know, you can stream OTT platforms on your smart TV. All you have to do to stream is download the app and then log in to your account using the login credentials. But sometimes, apps stop working. In such cases, you should check the internet connection and your membership. If nothing is wrong there, then restart or reinstall the app.

Q.2) Why does Amazon Prime show an Error?

If you see the error while streaming Amazon Prime, then acknowledge the error. Later, find the cause, as it will help you resolve the error. We have discussed the various error code you might see on Amazon Prime, and every error code is different and indicates separate issues.

Q.3) How do I reset Amazon Prime on my TV?

To reset the Amazon Prime on your TV, you first need to close the app. When you see the screen freezing or error on an app, you should close it immediately. After some time, you can open the app again. If you want to reset the app, you may have to uninstall the app first. Later, go to the Play Store and install the Prime Video App again. Now, log in to your Amazon account and start streaming the content.

Final Words

We have thoroughly discussed how to fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9345. Along with that, we have also illustrated the other error of Amazon prime Videos. You can use the listed ways to fix this error. We hope this article has helped you to resolve the issue. If you have any questions or something to add, you can let us know in the comment section. Other than that, you can leave your valuable thoughts and views regarding this article. Your views would help us to improvise the upcoming articles. Besides, we would appreciate it if we heard from fellow readers.

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