How to Find hidden apps on android

How to Find Hidden Apps On Android?

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If you are wondering, how to find hidden apps on android devices, you have several options. Our phones have numerous apps; some are essentials while others are for mere entertainment. There are some applications on our mobile phones that consist of crucial information as well. Because of the latest development because of covid 19, primarily kids are studying from their parent’s mobile phones. In such cases, you can hide apps on your phone, so you can prevent your kids from using certain apps. Other than this, there can be hundreds of reasons a person hides apps on their Android phone. If you don’t know how to find hidden devices on Android Phones, then keep reading!

What are vault apps?

You must have heard about hidden apps. These are the apps a person on purpose hides to prevent someone else from using them. Like that, Vault is a mobile app that helps users hide their private pictures and videos on their phones. Such apps are available for Android as well as iOS users. Additionally, there are plenty of apps that enable us to lock the apps available on our phones. You can unlock these applications only if you have the password you have set during these app set up. If you are using any Vault apps or hidden apps, then you can unhide them easily. Please keep reading to know more about it.

How to find hidden apps on Android Phone?

Finding hidden apps on any mobile phone can be a little bit tricky. If you have hidden the apps earlier and now you have forgotten the way to find those apps, then you can try the following ways. You can apply the steps mentioned here to find any hidden apps on an Android device.

General Settings

The general settings of your mobile phone let you alter your general device settings. You can make changes and update information as well. Additionally, you can easily find the list of apps you have downloaded and installed on your device so far. Here you can easily find the apps you have disabled earlier and opt for enable them by using the steps mentioned below –

Step 1: First, open your App Drawer.

Step 2: Now click on Settings

Step 3: After that, tap on “Apps & Notifications”

Step 4: Click on “See All Apps”

Step 5: It will navigate you to all the apps you have installed on your phone by now.

When you find the app you were looking for, you can enable it from here. You need to click on the app, and then it will direct you to the next phase, where you can tap on the “Enable” button.


Your Homepage can have other pages where you can find hidden apps. Sometimes, we see apps that appear on the first page. However, you may find other apps you are looking for at the very end of the next page. So, you should swipe a couple of times more to make sure that those apps aren’t listed there. The recently installed apps are generally situated at the very end. You can check to make sure that’s not the case. All you have to do is swipe left or right a couple of times to see if the apps are here and there.

How to find hidden apps on Android – Folders

If you can’t find the apps on the home page, you should check the app folders. When we create an app folder, the apps combine in one place, and you can’t find them separately. But when you click on the folder, you will see the apps are listed inside. You can click on the app to use it further. You can also search the name of the app in the search bar that appears on the homepage. Apps in the folder may not be listed alphabetically. So, searching them on the homepage is a time-saving option.

App Drawer

The app drawer is the hub of various apps installed and downloaded on your Android device. The App Drawer page helps to find all the apps you have installed on your device so far. The app drawer page is different for various android launches. However, the launchers have their customized app pages, and they may appear with different icons. We will discuss the steps on how to find hidden apps on Android Devices having different launchers.

Nova Launcher

The Nova launcher is a third-party developed app, and it enables you to customize and overhaul your home screen. It has impressive features and themes to customize your Android Device’s Screen. To locate your hidden apps, follow the steps mentioned here –

Step 1: Long press on your Home screen

Step 2: Now, Click on the settings

Step 3: Find the App Drawer after that.

Step 4: Choose “Hide Apps”

Step 5: Finally, click on “Remove Hidden Apps”

The steps are simple, yet you need to perform them with sincerity to avoid any inconvenience. If you have another Android launcher, then you may try the steps mentioned further.

How to find hidden apps on android – Smart Launcher

Smart launcher is yet another third-party-developed launcher for Android users. The third-party launchers are slightly different from the default launchers. They consist of diverse customized features and themes that ideally enhance the experience. If you have a Smart launcher, then your hidden apps can be located using the following steps –

Step 1: Swipe on your home screen and Open the Smart launcher app Drawer page.

Step 2: Tap on the three vertical dots appearing at the top corner of the page.

Step 3: After that, click on “Show Hidden Apps”

Most Android devices can not find the hidden app in your App drawer. The hidden apps will appear on your screen, and you can use them just by tapping on their icon. However, there are several other ways illustrated to replace them.

Third-Party common hidden apps

Specially designed apps perform a specific task. The independent developers create the third-party apps. Any individual who has access to your phone can install such apps and then hide the apps. It is hard to find such apps. However, you can look at the common apps used to hide apps and locate if your phone has any of them.

  • Phone Master
  • Calculator Vault
  • App Hider
  • Hide App
  • Notepad Vault

How to hide apps on an Android Phone?

There are plenty of ways and apps available on the internet to help you hide apps on your Android Device. There are numerous ways available that would help you unhide those apps. So, no matter what you are going to do, that thing has a contradictory effect. If you are looking for ways to hide apps on your Android phone, then there are some options you could try.

Make an App Folder to find hidden apps on android

Making a folder of several apps will stop showing that app on the homepage. No person could see it unless they opened the app folder. You can name that app folder whatever you want, and the folder will appear with that name on your home screen. So, it’s a quick and temporary solution, but it can work for a short time. If you have no idea how to create an app folder, then follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Go to the home screen where all your apps are listed.
  • Now select an app by a long press on the app icon.
  • When the options appear, click on “Select items.”
  • After that, select a few more apps,
  • When you select the apps, click on the “Create Folder.”
  • It will create the folder instantly, and you can type the name of this app folder in the “Enter Folder Name” bar

Creating an App folder is an easy and quick process. To unhide the apps from an app folder, you need to delete that folder. Long press on the folder and then select “Delete Folder”. The apps in this folder will get back to their older place.

How to find hidden apps on android using a third-party app?

Numerous third-party apps can easily hide the apps on your Android device. All you have to do for that is install these Vault apps and then set them up. After that, your apps and data will be safe in these apps. The only drawback of such apps and ways is that if any other person has access to your mobile other than you, they can install such apps. By doing so, you won’t have access to those hidden apps anymore. So, beware before anything like this happens. Not only third-party apps but all the ways of hiding apps and information are worthless if many people access your phone.

Disable the App

Yes, you can disable an app using your Android device. It requires a couple of seconds and a few steps. But remember, if you disable an app, then you can’t access it yourself as well. To use that app again, you need to enable it first. You shouldn’t disable any app if you need that app quite often. This way is ideal only when you don’t require that app for some time. You can also use other methods to hide the apps on your Android Device. Please keep reading to know more about hidden apps and the ways to unhide them.

How to find hidden apps on an Android Tablet?

If you struggle to find the apps on your Android Tablet, you can adapt the ways we have discussed earlier. Those steps to find hidden apps are ideal for any android device. Finding hidden apps won’t take too much time if you follow the steps sincerely. You may try using more than one way. If you face any problem while following these steps, you can leave your query in the comment section. We would be happy to help you.

How do I check whether there are hidden apps on my phone or not?

If you have no idea whether or not there are hidden apps on your mobile, you should check your App Drawer. App drawer consists of all the applications you have installed on your device. The list of apps contains those hidden apps too. You can access all the installed and even Vault apps on your device from the app drawer. To reach the App Drawer and find hidden apps, you can follow the steps briefly illustrated below –

Step 1: Click on the three vertical dots appearing on the screen.

Step 2: A drop-down menu will show a couple of options.

Step 3: You need to tap on “Home Screen Settings”

Step 4: The Home Screen Settings page will unfold, find “Hide Apps”

Step 5: When you find it, tap on it. It will display all the apps.

It is the safest and easiest way to find if there is any hidden app on your mobile. By following a couple of steps, you can find hidden apps. Once you see it, you can unhide these apps. There are several other ways to find any hidden app on your Mobile phone or tablet.

How to unhide apps on Android?

There are plenty of ways by which you can find hidden apps on your device. We understand that it seems complicated to find hidden apps, especially when you are not the one who has hidden the apps. We have discussed the ways to unhide the apps on Android earlier in this article. You can try out general ways if you can’t find any app on your Android device.

Look for the app at the home screen, where all the apps are listed. If you can’t find them there, you can search if the app is in any App folder. Even after checking the folders, you haven’t found the app; you can try “App Drawer” and Third-Party Apps to resolve this situation. Once you find the app, you should unhide it instantly. To avoid such situations in future, you shouldn’t provide access to too many people.

Final Words

I hope now you know how to find hidden apps on Android devices. There are plenty of ways mentioned in this article. You can apply the steps for the same and let us know how it goes. If you cannot find the app, you can leave your queries and questions in the comment section. We would try to find a reliable solution for that. I hope you liked this article and if you did then leave your valuable suggestions at the end.

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