How to Connect Chromebook to Tv

How to Connect Chromebook to Tv – Every Method Explained

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This article will explain how to connect chromebook to tv with Bluetooth, HDMI, without an HDMI, Roku tv etc. It will provide you with instructions on how to connect a chromebook to tv using various methods. Connecting a chromebook to a tv with an HDMI cable may be an easy task, but also it may require an adaptor to plug the HDMI into the USB- C port.

When connecting the chromebook with tv, ensure that the internal mirror display is turned on in your settings after connecting your chromebook to your tv. You will see that the tv will display a similar screen as the chromebook, which includes chrome web pages, photos, and apps.

How to connect chromebook to tv wirelessly?

A chromebook connects with a tv wirelessly as well. It means that it is possible to connect the chromebook and the tv, and it is possible using the Chromecast. The Chromebook has a feature that supports the Chromecast in the device. First, you have to set up the Chromecast with your tv, and when you set up the Chromecast on your tv, you can take the help of the step guide, which is below for your help. The process is easy and quick to connect the chromebook to the tv. The steps are

Step 1- Firstly, go to the clock on the Chromebook shelf.

Step 2- Click the cast option, which will be there at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3- After this, you have to select the Chromecast device.

Step 4- A new pop up window will be there to click on your desktop.

Step 5- After selecting your desktop, you will have to choose the share option to proceed further.

Step 6- If you want to stop casting your screen, you have to click on the clock option again.

Step 7- Choose the stop option, which will be on your window.

Step 8- When you select the stop option, you will see a new window screen with a list of options on your screens.

Please note that few tvs have integrated support for Chromecast, which means that you do not need extra hardware to connect the chromebook to the tv.

How to connect chromebook to tv with HDMI?

If your chromebook has an HDMI port, you have to connect the HDMI cable to your HDTV using the HDMI port. If your device has USB-C instead of HDMI, you will need a USB-C adapter with the HDMI port. Step guidance is provided to you below, which will make your connection process easy and quick.

Step 1- The first step of yours should be to insert the one end of the HDMI cable into your Chromebook, but if you are using an adapter, first take the HDMI cable and plug it into the adapter. The adapter is to be plugged into one of the USB-C ports of the chromebook.

Step 2- You should plug the other end of your HDMI cable into your tv. These HDMI ports will be either on the side, back or bottom of the system.

Step 3- After this, you have to boot up your Chromebook.

Step 4- Switch on your tv and then a suitable input channel. The channel will be similar to the port, whether it could be hdmi1, hdmi2 etc.


Step 5- When you go to the same HDMI channel, a similar screen to the Chromebook will be showing on your screens.

Step 6- If you want your screen to be visible, you have to alter some setups. And after this, you have to click the clock which is at the bottom of your screen.

Step 7- Choose settings then.

Step 8- A list of options will appear on your screens then, scroll down to the device option.

Step 9-Go with the display option then and proceed further.

Step 10- Select the mirror internal display option and move forward.

Step 11- Just after that, the screen will be visible on your tv screen.

Whatever you do after this will be visible on the tv screen. For instance, if you are browsing or scrolling, which you generally do on your devices, the tv screens will show all the actions. Now, if you want to slide show all your photos on the tv screen, you can do it, watch videos online, even offline, and stream youtube and Netflix, etc.

How do I connect my chromebook to my tv without HDMI?

Before you begin the process of connecting your chromebook to tv without HDMI, you have to ensure that your chromebook has an HDMI port. Check all the HDMI ports on your Chromebook and take a suitable and appropriate USB-A to HDMI, USB-C to HDMI or mini -HDMI to HDMI. Choose accordingly. Every Chromebook comes with an in-built display link which prevents the need to deal with the drivers etc. You can connect them by going to settings. First, the device displays and then clicks on the mirror built-in display to begin mirroring into your tv.

How to connect a chromebook to a fire tv?

If you want to connect your chromebook to your fire tv, you need to be aware that the procedure is not as simple as that of Android tv and google tv or Chromecast. But no worries, we are here to help you out. There are some steps with which you can achieve your goal.

Step 1- To begin the process, first open the fire tv settings option from the home page.

Step 2- When you click the settings option, you will reach a new screen to see a display and sounds option there.

Step 3- Click on the display and sound option, and after clicking that, you will have an option to enable display mirroring. It will lead you to a new page which will be a awaiting page. Make sure that you do not leave the page, else you have to start the whole process again. You have to leave the page when the process gets complete.

Step 4- Take your Chromebook then and select the menu button, which will take you to several options.

Step 5- After this, select the cast option there and click on your tv, similar to the Chromecast.

Step 6- And then choose the source.

Step 7- At the end, your Chromebook screen will be visible on your fire tv as well. All the actions and the photos will be there on the fire tv screen.

How to connect chromebook to google tv or Android tv?

Check whether your tv supports Chromecast or not, and if your tv supports Chromecast, you can directly use the built-in Chromecast feature to connect your Chromebook to the tv. A step guide on how to connect Chromebook to tv is here.

Step 1- Visit the chrome browser from your Chromebook.

Step 2- Your screen will have an options menu at the right top corner of your screen, click on that to proceed.

Step 3- When you click the menu button, you will see a cast option in the options list.

Step 4- It will take you to a small pop up screen where you will find the name of your tv; click on your tv to proceed further.

Step 5- After this, you have to choose the source, which will be at the bottom of your pop up screen. The options will be cast tab, cast file and cast desktop and choose accordingly.

Step 6- After selecting the source, click on the Chromecast logo beside the menu button, click on the always show icon button, and proceed. Always showing an icon will allow you to visit there from next time directly.

Step 7- It will make the cast icon stay on the top of your browser every time to make your access easy and quick.

How to connect Chromebook to Samsung tv, LG tv and Roku tv?

If you have a TV that does not have a Chromecast and is not an Android tv or Fire TV, you may not be able to connect your Chromebook to the tv. However, LG tv supports Chromecast, but it will only allow you to stream from the you-tune. The easiest way is to have a Chromecast which is the cheapest compared to the Android tv and fire tv sticks. You have to connect Chromecast to the HDMI port of your tv, and the whole process will be similar to that of the Chromecast, which is explained to you above in the article.

Final words

The article was about connecting a Chromebook to a tv using different methods and on different devices such as Roku, Samsung, Chromecast, etc. All the instructions and the guide are in the article, which will help you connect your Chromebook to tv. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may leave comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions and queries regarding the article, you may write them down below in the comments box.

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