How to clear cookies on an iPhone

How To Clear Cookies On An iPhone?

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How to clear cookies on an iPhone – Cookies are also known as browser cookies, internet cookies, web cookies etc. These files contain all the data distributed in small pieces, which initially helps your device recognize the device network. It also allows you to improve your web browsing experience. The server creates all the data which the cookie stores inside it. The cookie has a unique ID for you as well as for your device.

When you use any network, these cookies get exchanged between your device and the network server and then, the server reads the ID of your device and serves the information accordingly.

About Cookies

The cookies customize your web browsing experience and also personalize your experience. For instance, your bank also uses cookies to remember the login credential on your device. But eventually, it sometimes creates issues and problems while using the device, and when it is creating any problem with your device, you have to clear all the cookies from your device, whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, iPad.

This article will tell you how to clear cookies on an iPhone, Android phone or iPad. So, you don’t need to worry if your device has any issues regarding cookies. You follow the instructions on clearing the cookies from your device. Sometimes, a few websites try to glean your personal information through cookies. In this situation, you can also block the cookies from your device, which automatically prevents the device from sharing your personal data with other websites.

How to clear cookies on an iPhone in safari?

To clear the cookies on an iPhone using safari can be an easy task for you by following our step guide, which is for you below. As you know, now that cookies can share your data, it is essential to clear all the cookies and caches from your iPhone. Let’s start with the steps of deleting the caches from your device.

Step 1- Firstly, you have to go to the settings area from your iPhone.

Step 2- A list of options will occur there. You have to choose the safari option then.

Step 3- It will lead you to a new option of clear history and website data. Click on that.

Step 4- When you clear your cookies, history and browsing data from safari, it will not impact your autofill information.

Step 5- If you want to keep your history safe and clear the cookies from your iPhone. Go to settings then on safari.

Step 6- After you click the safari option, a new list of options will appear on your screens to choose the advanced option.

Step 7- Then, select the website data option, and after this, click on the Remove all website data to clear all the junk from your device.

Step 8- If you want to go to the sites without leaving any details or history, turn on your private browsing.

Step 9- When you turn the private browsing on, it will save no history or web browsing on your device.

After turning the private browsing on, the settings will turn grey. It can also turn grey when web content restrictions are set up under content and privacy restrictions in screen time.

Where to block cookies on iPhone?

A cookie is a small file of data that a website puts on your device, and they do it to remember you when you come back or revisit the website in future. So, if you want to block cookies from your iPhone device, you may take the help of these steps, which will make the process eat for you.

Step 1- Visit the setting from your iPhone device.

Step 2- Click on the safari option to proceed.

Step 3- After this, turn on the option to block all cookies. But keep in mind that if you are blocking the cookies from your device, some pages might not get opened because some websites set these cookies as a requirement. These kinds of pages need cookies to work. For instance,

A user may not log in to the website even with their correct password and username because it will require you to turn on the cookies settings.

Step 4- Secondly, It may be possible for the website to get open, but some of the website’s features will not work for you. The reason is the same is that you will have to turn the cookie setting on.

Step 5- At last, the website may display a message that you will be required to turn on the cookie settings.

How to use content blockers to clear cookies on iPhone?

Content blockers are apps and extensions which help the device in clearing all the caches and cookies. These extensions and the apps let the safari block all the caches and the cookies, pop-ups, resources, images and other contents.

Step 1- You have to first download an app using your apple play store.

Step 2- Visit the settings from your device then.

Step 3- Click the safari option afterwards.

Step 4- You will then see a content blocker. Press the content blocker.

Step 5- Set up the extensions that you need the most.

Step 6- You can also use more than one content blocker at one time.

Step 7- If you face any problem or issue with the app, contact the app developer.

How to clear cookies on iPhone using other browsers?

Suppose you use some other web browsers like firefox etc. Then also, you can clear the cookies using these web browsers such as firefox. In this category, I will explain how to clear all the caches and the cookies from your iPhone using the firefox web browser. How will you clear the cookies and the caches is given below. It will surely help you.

Step 1- Take your iphone and go to the firefox app then.

Step 2- You will see a menu option at the right bottom corner of your screen.

Step 3- When you click the menu button, you will have a list of options there where you have to select the settings option.

Step 4- After clicking on the settings, you will never be on a new screen to press the data management option.

Step 5- It will lead you to a clear private data option. Tap on the ok button then and proceed to confirm.

And by following these simple steps, you will be able to clear the history and cookies from your device using the firefox app.

How to clear cookies on iPhone using the chrome app?

To clear the cache and the cookies using the chrome app on iPhone, you can follow the given steps guide, which will help you in the whole process and clearing the cookies will become easy for you.

Step 1- You have to first open the Chrome app on your device.

Step 2- Three continuous horizontal lines will be there, which is the app’s menu button. Click on that to proceed further.

Step 3-Go to the setting then.

Step 4- Select the privacy option to proceed further.

Step 5- Click on the clear browsing data to go to the page to clear all the cookies and the caches from your phone.

Step 6- Select the caches and the cookies, site data, and caches you would like to delete from your device.

Step 7- Press the clear browsing data and confirm it by pressing the ok button.

Final words

This article was about how to clear cookies from your iPhone, and the article gives you detailed information on clearing all the cookies and the caches from your iPhone device. A brief explanation to clear cookies using different web browsers is in the article. I hope it will be helpful for you, and I hope that you like the article and if you like it, you may leave comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the article, you can write them in the comments section, which is given below.

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