How to charge a phone without a charger

How to charge a phone without a charger?

How to charge a phone without a Charger – This write-up will explain several other ways to charge your phone even though it is an Android device, iPhone or tablet. Sometimes because of the pressure of work, studies and other things like reaching your job on time, we forget to take phone chargers with us. In this situation, you should know some other ways to charge your phones. The article will explain to you some different ways of charging your phone without a charger. All the mentioned methods will require a charging cable which has to be compatible with your device.

What are the ways to charge your phone without a charger using a USB port?

The very first way is to charge your phone using a USB port. For charging your phone using a USB port, you will need a charging cable that is compatible with your phone or your iPhone device. Now, you have to plug the connector to one side of your phone and the other side to the laptop. It will quickly charge your phone.

The USB ports found at the airports and some coffee shops provide you with enough power to charge any of your devices. Most of the hotels have USB ports that are built either beside your table or into the lamps. All these USB ports are of USB-A shape, with a rectangle end that is useful in charge of your phone. The steps of charging your phone through a USB port are as follows.

  • Find a USB port that will be of a rectangular USB-A shape at your place.
  • When you find the port, you have to plug the end of your charging cable into the USB port.
  • Take the other end of the charging cable and plug the other end into your phone.

How to charge a phone without a charger using a car charger?

A car charger is an instrument that helps you to charge your phone and other devices. This instrument plugs into a twelve-volt cigarette lighter outlet inside the vehicles, such as cars connected to a widget you want to charge. The phone will connect to the car charger by using a power cord. All the latest models of vehicles have USB ports used to charge a device such as a mobile phone etc. But if it is not there, you can purchase a separate adapter that plugs into the lighter port.

  • Firstly, start your vehicle and turn it on to accessory mode.
  • You have to plug one end of the charging cable into the vehicle USB port and plug in the other end into your mobile phone.

For emergency, battery charge use a hand-crank charger

Hand crank charger works like a turbine, and a turbine produces electricity connected to a rechargeable battery like phones, etc. It is one of the efficient ways to charge your phone.

A hand-crank charger does not need electrical volt power, which makes the hand crank easy to handle the product and a handy tool for the users. When it comes to using, it is the first choice of people if they are going for any outdoor adventures or emergencies. How to use a hand crank charger? To use it, you have to plug the first end of your charging cable into your phone and another into the charger. It will take some time to get a usable charge. To get a usable charge, you have to keep cranking. Some of the hand crank models have inbuilt batteries to charge the battery, and then you can charge your phone through the battery.

How to use a battery pack to charge a phone without a charger?

A battery pack is a pack of similar and identical batteries and cells. It can also be a single battery cell that can be configured in a set series, mixture or parallel to meet the requirement of the voltage power. The battery pack helps make radio controlled toys, cordless tools and battery electric vehicles.

All the latest and modern packs of batteries have enough volt power within them that they can charge your smart device quickly. At the same time, most of them do not support fast charging.

It is convenient as well. You have to charge your battery pack before you go out of your place, especially when you do not have access to your regular phone charger. Also, you can take this pack with you all the time as it is very convenient to carry.

However, every battery pack is different in structure, but all you have to do is plug one end to your phone and another one into the charging cable device.

For easy charging, use a wireless charger.

In the nineteenth century, J.G. Bolger, F.A. Kirsten, and S. Ng introduced wireless charging, and nowadays, it is trendy among wireless technologies. It relies on an electromagnetic field between two copper coils, limiting the gap between the smart device and the charging pad. Suppose that your mobile device works with wireless charging, then it is effortless to charge your phone. All you have to do is fix your phone near the charging pad to charge your phone.

According to an old saying, a fruit can charge a phone and technically, it is correct, but it does require many fruits. So, you, please do not try this as it is kind of impossible.

How to use an Eco-friendly solar-powered charger to charge a phone without a charger?

As we already know, solar energy makes work easier for us. So, it makes charging very effortless. You can charge your phone through sunlight only. A solar-powered charger is another excellent choice for those going for outdoor adventures and picnics as it only requires sunlight to run. Solar-powered chargers work in two different ways: firstly, the sunlight charges a battery in the unit afterwards to charge the mobile device. Secondly, the solar charger directly charges the mobile device.

Fix the solar charger to grab sunlight or fix it on your backpack to charge it while hiking.

Plug the charger into your mobile device, then.

Final words

The article is a brief detail of how to charge a phone without a charger. There are so many alternatives to charging your phone if you are not having your regular charger with you. I hope you like the article and if you like it, you may leave comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you can write them in the comments section.

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