How to Block Websites on iPhone?

How to Block Websites on iPhone?

The article will give you a brief idea of how to block websites on iphone. It will explain the instructions and the steps of blocking a website and adding it to the list.

Blocking a website

All the advanced routers nowadays have a separate section which is designed for parents only. It means that such sections are dedicated to parental controls only where you have options to block the website. Not only this, but the parents can also specify the use of the internet by setting up the timings.

Moreover, some routers have a URL filter section where you can enter the URL of the website to whom you want to block. And in case these two do not work properly, then the router will offer you several types of filtering through the firewall router settings.

How to block websites on iphone?

This help guide will be there through the whole process of blocking websites on the iphone. The steps are as follows.

Step 1- Take your iPhone and go to the settings by clicking the settings app from your iphone.

Step 2- Explore and search for the screen time in the list, and after getting the options, click on the screen time option and move further.

Step 3- After this, you will have a list of options where you have to choose the ‘Content and Privacy Restrictions’ option to proceed further.

Step 4- After selecting the content and privacy restrictions, you have to switch it on by sliding it towards the right-hand side.

Step 5- In the next step, click on the content restrictions option.

Step 6- A new list of options will appear on your screen. There, you have to click on the web content option.

Step 7- Now, you have to choose how to block web access. For example, you can limit web access by restricting adult websites by clicking on the ‘limit adult websites. After clicking on the limit adult websites option, it will block all the adult websites in nature.

Step 8- If you want some websites to add for the web access despite their nature, you can do it by turning it off in the settings only.

More than these, the users can also permanently block the web access or the websites in the settings. Suppose you want to allow only a few websites for access by clicking on the ‘Allowed websites only’ option and using this setting option. In that case, you can create a customized list of channels or websites from which you do not mind having notifications.

How to block websites on iphone ios 14?

All the iPhones and the iPad touch have an in-built feature to control and manage web access. You can control which website your kid can visit. This feature allows the user to limit access to adult websites. These are also protected by passwords that are hard to crack for a child. The steps are here, which will surely help you out.

Step 1- From your home screen, you have to visit the settings app if your iphone ios 14.

Step 2- Click on the screen time and move forward.

Step 3- After selecting the screen time, you will have a list of options to select content and privacy restrictions option.

Step 4- On following the instructions, you will get an instruction to enter a password. The password should be a combination of four digits only.

Step 5- You have to turn on the content and privacy restriction option by sliding it towards the right.

Step 6- After that, it will ask you to enter the password to continue further.

Step 7- Click on the content restrictions.

Step 8- Click on the web content option then.

Step 9- Select the limit adult websites option.

Step 19- Go back, which will save all the changes you make there.

How to block websites on iphone 11?

If you want to block the websites on iphone 11, you can take the help of this step guide to make the process smooth and quick.

Step 1- visit the settings app on your iphone.

Step 2- After clicking on the settings icon, you will have several options in front of you. Among all the options, you have to go with the general option to proceed.

Step 3- After this, click on the restrictions option.

Step 4- You have to enter the four-digit password then to keep protecting the settings. Enter a password that no one can guess, especially your kids.

Step 5- Select the enable restrictions option and enter the password again to confirm it again.

Step 6- On the restrictions page only, you have to go to the allowed contents section, which will display a new screen for you.

Step 7- After that, press the website’s option to move further.

Step 8- Press the limit adult content option.

Step 9- Move out of the settings app. Your alterations will save automatically on the phone, and the password will protect the settings.

This trick is very helpful in blocking the adult content. Sometimes it blocks a few websites that do not even come under the adult category, and even sometimes, few websites slip through. The Apple company can not give ratings to every website present on the internet. So, initially, it depends on some other party, or we can say the third party.

How to block websites on iphone chrome?

Chrome is an excellent replacement for Safari on iPhone or iPad. We already know that it supports many platforms and can sync data across devices. It is very important to take strict and appropriate action to prevent unwanted and unuseful websites. Also, it will prevent you from making a mess of things, especially when you are giving a device to your kid for studying purposes. An excellent feature that the iPhone has is a structure to block various websites.

The steps to block some URLs are here.

Step 1- Launch the Settings app first of all.

Step 2-Press the screen time option.

Step 3- Select the content and privacy restriction.

Step 4- Then, you have to enter the password; if you have it, otherwise, you can directly proceed further, but we will recommend you to set up a password so that no one can change the settings without permission.

Step 5- Select the content restriction, but if you can not see it, you can slide right to the content and privacy restrictions button.

Step 6- Then select the labeled web content.

Step 7- Press the limit adult website button, which will take you to a new list of options.

Step 8- In the next step, you have to press the blank space, which will be below the never allow button.

Step 9- Type the URL you want to restrict or block and redo the procedure for blocking more websites.

Step 10- You can see the blocked contents in the chrome by going to the blocked site option.

How to block websites on iphone with passwords?

Suppose you do not want to depend on or rely on screen time to filter the entire internet. Instead of this, you can use this feature to give access to only a few websites. Blocking a website is a more suitable way to control the access to the websites for your children. It is on the same screen where the ‘limit adult content’ option is located. You can get there in just a few steps.

All the phones are pre configured with a few websites for the kids only, such as Disney, National Geographic and PBS Kids, etc. To remove or add websites to the list, you can follow these steps.


Step 1- From your home screen, go to the settings of your phone.

Step 2- Go to websites then.

Step 3- After this, select the allowed websites only by tapping on the option once.

Step 4- For deleting the websites, you have to swipe left and then press the delete button to proceed further.

Step 5- If you want to delete more than one website, you have to repeat the selection process, and you will be able to delete all those websites.

To add a website for access on your device, you have to follow some steps.

Step 1- Visit the settings app first of all, then go to web content.

Step 2- After reaching the web content option, you have to scroll down till the end. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the add website option there, click on that and proceed.

Step 3- It will take you to a new web page where you must enter the title and the URL in the space.

Step 4- After entering all the details, press the web content to go back. It will automatically save the change you make there.

Step 5- If you wish to add more than one website, repeat the process of adding, and you will be able to add all your favorite websites.

After setting these up, if your kids will even try to enter the website you have blocked, they will not be able to enter. It will show a message that you have blocked the website with a link, but this link will further ask for the password, which will not be with them. So, you can relax and chill.

How to block websites on safari iphone?

Suppose some websites slip, and limiting your adult content is not enough, then you can use this method to block the content or websites.

Step 1- ‘Setting app’ will be your first choice on your home screen.

Step 2- Select the screen time option.

Step 3- After that, press the ‘content and privacy restrictions.

Step 4- After pressing the content and privacy restrictions, you will have a new options screen to turn it on by swiping it to the right.

Step 5- It will take you to a new area to select the web content option.

Step 6- Tap on the ‘limit adult website’ option.

Step 7-Then, tap on adding a website that will be under the never allow option button.

Step 8- Fill in the website URL in the space you would like to block.

Step 9- Press the back button and go back. You have to redo it if you wish to block more than one website.

How to block websites and apps on iphone x?

To restrict or block apps on iphone X is here.

Step 1- Visit the settings first and then go to general settings.

Step 2- Select the restrictions option there.

Step 3- You have to select all those apps you would like to block by sliding the switches towards the right.

This feature helps users to block dirty and bad contents that we should not watch. Some of the apps that need to be blocked are as follows – AirDrop, Safari, etc. Note that there is one more benefit of this is that if one app is blocked, then the third party app using the same app will get blocked, such as if you have blocked the camera app, then the Instagram app will not be accessible.

How to change the setting of privacy?

These steps will help you in changing the setting of privacy.

Step 1- Firstly, go to the settings only.

Step 2- Then, visit the restriction option page.

Step 3- Select the privacy option then.

Step 4- Select all the apps you would like to block or restrict in your phone by swapping them towards the right-hand side. The apps will be at different places such as location services, photos, Bluetooth, etc.

Final words

The article was about how to block websites on the iphone using different methods and in different models and web browsers. It includes all the basic information at the beginning of the article about why you need to block the websites. The article briefly explains all the instructions and steps guide of blocking the website on the iPhone and adding a website. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may leave comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you can write them down in the comments box.

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