How To Add Custom Emojis To iPhone

How To Add Custom Emojis To iPhone?

How to add custom emojis to iPhone – It provides and enables the built-in emoji keyboard. An iPhone has hundreds of emojis. The best thing about these emojis is that they are entirely accessible free of cost. In this step guide, I will explain to you how to add custom emoji to the iphone, use and remove emoji from your iphone.

About emojis

Emojis, also known as emoticons, are digital icons or images that express a person’s emotions technically or electronically. Emojis belong to Japan and were created in the year 1990. In today’s era, emojis are so common to express feelings. It is an easy and quick way to express one’s feelings. For instance, if you are sad, then you can use a sad face emoji to describe your mood, and if you are crying, then you can use a crying face emoji, and if you are happy, then you can use the happy face emoji to describe your emoji well.

How to add custom emojis to iPhone?

It is easy to add custom emojis to the iphone. First, you have to install a new keyboard, which is easy and quick, like choosing an emoji from the keyboard. This step guide will surely help you out to enable emoji on the iphone.

Step 1- Go to the settings from your iphone.

Step 2- Click on the general option and then press the keyboard button and proceed further.

Step 3- Press the ‘ add new keyboard’ option button and proceed further.

Step 4- Scroll down till half end; you will find an option for emoji there.

Step 5- You will see a new screen where you will see the language keyboard. It will be the same as you have chosen at your initial stage, which means that emojis are enabled and are ready to use.

How to use emoji on iphone?

After adding the emojis to your iphone, you will be able to use the emojis from any app. You can use it in most apps, but few apps use a custom keyboard, which is why you can not use emojis. These emojis can be used in messages, notes, and mail.

Open the keyboard and select the category you would like to choose or send. There will be approximately eight categories of emoticons where different types of emojis are present. For example, you have faces, food emojis, vehicle emojis, and many more. You can choose any of them and move further. If you want to see all the emoticons, then select the categories. Whatever category you like, click on that category, and it will show you a list of emoticons.

On your keyboard only, you will have a symbol for emoticons on the top left corner of your keyboard. Click on that to proceed further. It will display many emojis, which will be there in categories. Choose whichever you like the most and tap on that emoji. After tapping the emoji, it will come on your type space, and then click on the Send button to send to your friend, family, etc.

How to use multicultural emojis on the iphone?

The iPhone features emojis having white traits such as white faces and white hands. The Apple or iPhone company is constantly working with the Unicode Consortium, which manages, controls, and operates emoji to change the standard set to a diverse selection. You have to apply some tricks to see the multicultural options.

These steps are only for the ios 8.3 or newer devices. The steps which are given below will help you to use multicultural emojis on your iPhone.

Step 1- You have to first open the emoji keyboard from the application which supports it.

Step 2- There will be a face symbol that shows the emoticons area from where you can select one emoji of your choice. Suppose you chose a smiling face, click on that and hold it for a while.

Step 3- When you hold the icon or symbol, a list of symbols will appear of the same smiling emoji. Whichever emoji you like, click on that to choose to insert in your text.

Step 4- After clicking on the emoji, you will have the emoji in your text, and you will be able to send it to your family and friends.

How to remove the emoji keyboard on the iphone?

Now, if you are done with sending the emojis to other people and do not want the emoji keyboard anymore and would like to hide the emoji, you can change the keyboard settings by going to the keyboard settings. If you also want to remove the emoji keyboard, you may follow the steps given below.

Step 1- Visit the settings application on your iPhone.

Step 2- Afterwards, you will have a list of options to choose a general option to proceed further.

Step 3- A new screen will appear where you will have several options to choose from it. From those options, you have to go with the keyboard option and move further.

Step 4- You have to click on the edit option then which will be at the top of your screen menu.

Step 5- Tap on the delete option and complete the procedure.

How to add custom emojis to the iphone 6?

You can add custom emojis to your iphone 6 using various methods such as by copy and pasting, by activating the emoji keyboard (which is described above), third party keyboard, etc. Below mentioned steps are of the copy and pasting method. The steps are as follows.

The copy and paste method applies everywhere. For example, if you have seen an emoji online on a social media platform then, you can take and use that emoticon in your text messages.

Suppose a friend of yours has sent an emoticon that you have liked so much and want to use in your chat, so you can copy it and paste it into your text message. An excellent way to save all these emojis in one place is a notepad. You can copy the emoji and paste it into your notepad to use it later on.

Now, how will you do it? Suppose you are chatting with a friend of yours and she has sent you an emoticon which you like. You have to click on the emoji and hold it for some time until an option area occurs. When you hold the emoji, a list of options will occur to see an option of the copy.

The Process

Click on that to proceed. After copying the emoji, go to the notepad where you want to save the emoji for further use. On the notepad, click and hold for a while. A new list of options will appear, which will have the paste option in it. Click on the paste option and move further. Your favorite emoji will be on your notepad, and you can use it anytime you are messaging someone. However, it might be possible that it stops working due to some issues, but it sometimes happens only, but there are 99% chances that it will effortlessly work for you.

Final words

The article was about how to add custom emojis to the iphone. This article includes all the instructions and the step guidance on adding custom emojis to the iphone. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may also leave comments in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you can write them in the comments section only.

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