How much data does streaming music use

How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use?

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We all enjoy listening to music almost on a daily basis, but have you ever thought about how much data does streaming music use? Listening to music online requires the internet. There is no doubt that our mobile phone is an absolute package of entertainment. You can watch, listen and even read anytime, anywhere.

Numerous online applications allow users to listen to music online. Some of them are subscription based, while others are free. However, both types of apps require the internet to let you listen to music. But if you want to know how much data streaming music uses, then keep reading! You must be using your favourite music streaming app currently.

How much data does streaming amazon music use?

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you must have been using Prime Music for a long time now. When we subscribe to prime, we can enjoy Amazon music along with Prime Videos. You can download your favourite songs online and then listen to them later. This way, you won’t be required to spend your data every time you decide to listen to music.

You can also listen to music online on Amazon Music. Every music streaming app has different quality options. However, Amazon music hasn’t revealed its music streaming quality. Generally, the audio quality options range from 48 kbps to 320 kbps. Listeners can select the quality options based on what they want to listen. You might be using approximately 115 MB per hour while listening to music on Amazon Prime. Users can enjoy music for more than 8 hours in 1 GB of data.

How much data does streaming Spotify music use?

Spotify is the famous audio streaming platform that offers podcasts, music, short stories, etc. You can subscribe to its services using the application as there are millions of songs and podcasts available. Currently, its services are available for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS. You can listen to music through Spotify on any of your devices. There is a premium as well as a free version available for the users. Spotify uses the following amount of data while streaming music.

  • Low Quality – It will stream music at 24 kbps, consuming 90 MB per hour.
  • Medium/Normal Quality – Music will stream at 96 kbps and consume around 345 MB per hour.
  • High Quality – High quality will stream music at 160 kbps and consume approximately 576 MB per hour.
  • Very High Quality – Music will stream at 320 kbps, and it will consume 1.2 GB per hour.

Now you can select your streaming quality on Spotify accordingly. There are many other platforms as well that allow you to listen to music online and offline. You may use any music streaming app as per your preference.

How much data does streaming apple music use?

Apple users can listen to music on Apple music. It is free for the first three months when you sign up for the first time. After that, you need to select a premium plan. There are several plans available for users to subscribe. Apple Music streams music at the top quality that is 256 kbps. The other streaming music app allows you to select a certain quality to listen to music. Unlike those apps, Apple music streams at 256 kbps only. You can’t opt for any other quality. It will consume approximately 115 MB for 1 hour. Users can enjoy music for more than 8 hours in 1 GB of data.

How much data does streaming google play music use?

If you listen to music at Google Play Music, it must be streaming at very high quality. This platform streams music at 320 kbps, and that is considered very high quality. If you don’t want to listen to music at this quality, then consider updating it. Listening to music at 320 kbps will consume about 144 MB per hour. However, in 1GB, you can enjoy music for almost 7 hours.

How much data does streaming 1 hour of music use?

We have discussed earlier that data consumption also depends on the quality of music. One hour of streaming music consumes different amounts of data on different platforms. Several platforms ask you to choose your streaming quality. However, the others offer you music of a certain quality. So, if you want to reduce/control the data consumption while listening to music, you can update your account settings. Select your preferred quality for streaming music. If you wonder how much data it requires to listen to music for 1 hour, then it may take a maximum of 150 MB if you listen to music at 320 kbps. If the quality crosses 320 kbps, then it may consume more data.

Some Tricks and Strategies to Manage Data Usage

Without the internet, our phone seems less entertaining. However, having an internet connection or wi-fi opens up the door to various opportunities. You get endless options to enjoy your time and work as well. Listening to music and simultaneously working is one of the common habits of everyone. So, if you listen to music quite often, you should know how much data streaming music uses. If you don’t know that, then you can scroll back up and know right away. But here are some tips for managing your data Usage.

Track data usage on your Device

You can track down how much data has been consumed by listening to music. For that, all you have to do is go to your phone settings. It will tell you which one app is using how much data. This way, you can track down the amount of time you spend listening to music along with the data consumption.

Stream only on Wi-fi

Streaming music when it is only connected to wi-fi will save you mobile data. You can even download your playlist while your phone is connected to the wi-fi. Later, you can access your playlist without even using an internet connection.

Upgrade your Music streaming Account 

The quality of streaming music affects the data usage on your mobile phone. Select appropriate music streaming quality so that it won’t consume too much data. If you are using a music streaming app that allows you to set your streaming quality, you should update it right away.

Data Management App

Data management apps are available for users who listen to music using their mobile phones. Such apps will help you to monitor your data usage. If you install any of such apps, you will get a notification when you run out of data. There are multiple Data Management apps available for iOS and Android users. You can install whichever suits you best.

Final Words

That was all about How much data does streaming music use. I hope you have your answer by now. Any listener has two options to enjoy music. They can choose to listen to music online or offline. If you are listening to music online, then it will consume a certain amount of data. We have discussed it in this article. However, if you have any questions or queries, you can leave them in the comment section. Other than that, your suggestive words can help us in further improvement. So, please share them.

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