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What is com Samsung android app telephonyui?

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Com Samsung Android app telephonyui-it is the phone call app that helps you with various features and makes your calling easy going. If you are calling the person, you require making calls for business or any work, and it becomes hard to make notes and inform another person about the things. This app gives Samsung users a convenient way to get a new experience. This article will tell more about the Samsung android telephonyui app, and we will mention all the essential instructions and credentials to make you familiar with the Samsung Telephonyui.

Without any further words, let’s move forward to the following instructions.

About Com Samsung android app Telephonyui

Com Samsung android app telephonyui is the calling application that includes various features. If you have a Samsung device, then this app will help you with calling. It is an android device phone call-making application, and you can directly chat with another user via the app. There are several android telephonic applications, and it would be one of them. Once you download the application, it displays on your device’s home screen so it would be easy to find. TelephonyUI allows users to record calls, a variety of caller IDs, receive calls, and more amazing features.

Now let’s know more about the Samsung android app TelephonUI features.

What are the features of the Com Samsung android app telephonyui?

You might be aware of some of the telephonyui features; still, let’s know its exciting and interesting features with its uses.

  • Accepting & Rejecting Phone calls: Users can receive and reject the phone calls.
  • Call recording: You can record the phone calls if required.
  • Conference calls: Sometimes, it is hard to call in a group simultaneously; you can make a conference call through this feature.
  • Holding phone calls: If you get an urgent call during the phone call, you can put another call on hold.
  • Muting phone call: You can mute the call, such as in the rush place where you get the disturbing noise you can keep the phone call on mute; while mute, you can hear another person’s voice.
  • Minimizing phone calls: While talking on call, you can minimize the screen and use the phone.
  • Note down the memo/Dates: It would be hard to find the pen to note down the important dates, memos, or any information while on the call; this feature makes it easy as while on call, you can note down the received info a notepad of the app instantly.
  • Switching off-screen phone calls: You can keep the screen switched off and then put the device near your ear to call.
  • Sending messages: You can send a direct message to the person; call if it’s not convenient.

How to stop Com Samsung android app telephonyui?

If you want to remove the telephonyui app from your device, it is impossible to remove it. Users can remove it for a short time, and if you receive any call, it might appear again on your device.

For removing the application from your device, the following steps will help you with the process, and follow the mentioned below steps:

  • 1- First, turn on your device and go to your device’s setting.
  • 2- After that, find the “Notification app or app” section on the settings option.
  • 3- Now, all your device applications will appear on your screen; at the uppers side, you can see the three dots. Click on that.
  • 4- The menu page will display, and there will be an option of “Show system app” click on that and wait for a while to see the additional apps.
  • 5- Now, find the “android telephonyui” or “android incallui” from the shown list.
  • 6- You have to click on the app once you find it, and there will be an option of force stop tap on that.
  • 7- If the force stop option doesn’t work at one time, you can try it again. After completing all these steps, you can stop the Telephonyui app.

What are the ways to fix Com Samsung telephonyui android app?

Are you facing trouble? Don’t worry; there are several solutions to resolve the issues; we have mentioned some solutions to fix them if you face a problem in the telephonyui app.

  • Updating Phone’s software

If you haven’t updated your device for a long time, you might face problems with many things, and it would be better if you kept updating your device. You have to update your phone, and once the update is complete, restart your device. Look for the changes and problem if it is still the same or resolved.

  • Restart your Phone

Some of the device’s problems can be solved by the simple process, as sometimes phones start to hang suddenly because of running apps, cache, and more things; as phone owners, we should take care of our device. It would be good to try with the simple steps that restart your device and, after that, look for the issue if it got resolved or not.

  • Storage 

Ensure that you have enough storage on your device; otherwise, applications can create problems. Don’t keep the unnecessary application on your device; only keep the required apps. You might be face issues if you have less storage in your phone

  • Communicate with the support team

If any of the techniques don’t work, you should try the last method to contact the service center and support team, and they will provide you with the solution that can work. As per your convenience, you can try this method.

  • Update the app

Another method is you can update the application to fix the issue, and it will not take too much time, or you can try it if there is any problem the simple process can solve.

Final words

That was all about the com Samsung android app telephonyui. We have described each instruction related to the TelephonyUI; if you still have any queries or doubts, you don’t have to worry; leave a comment. We will respond to you as soon as possible with easy solutions. You can share your views, ideas, and thoughts and provide us with your feedback.

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