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Chrome-native: //newtab/- we all know about Google as it has become an essential part of our devices. Let us tell you more about the Google native new tab; many of us already knew. Still, many of us are not familiar with it; let’s understand it better. In this article, we will talk about a bit more of Google, including Chrome, Google native, the activation process, and more. To get more information, you have to read the article until the end for satisfactory results and without any further due, let’s get into the article.

About Google 

Google, we don’t have to be wonder by the name, and we already know about it. Still, let’s learn more. Google is a multinational company based in America, and it is an industry of Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, computer hardware, and computer software. The CEO of Google is Mr. Sundar Pichai, and the company was established in 1998; it’s running for 23 years globally. In the techno-friendly world, Google has become a need of people; we all visit Google first for every query.

Once you know about Google, let’s move ahead to another instruction about Google Chrome.

About Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the cross-platform web browser that Google developed, and it has become one of the most frequently used browsers globally. Chrome provides various convenient features that are easy and simple people like to use it. Google Chrome was launched in 2008 for Microsoft windows. Later on, Google Chrome was ported to Linux, Android, IOS, and macOS, a default web browser. Currently, Google Chrome has become the most popular and fastest browser.

Now let’s get into the Google native client and know more about it.

What is Google Native: chrome-native://newtab/?

Google native client, NaCl, is a sandboxing technology for running an ARM, or MIPS native code, a subset of Intel x86, a portable in a sandbox.

The native client was launched in 2011, and Google developed it. NaCl allows running native code from the web browser safely, and it is also used for securing browser plugging.

You might have seen so many Google notifications pop up on your device, and you can have reported that as well. In the Google activity section, Google activity sections collect all the activity performed by your phone.

As now you get familiar with Google native code, let’s turn to the following process that will be the activation of the native client

How to activate Google native Client?

Wants to activate Google native client? Have a look at the given steps; the following steps will be helpful to activate Google native client successfully.

1- First, turn on your device and open your chrome browser.

2- On the search bar, type “Chrome://flags”, and by clicking on the enter button, it will instantly take you to the searched result.

3- Now, you are on the flag page.

4- On the screen, you can see the search box; at the search field, type “NaCl” and click on enter.

5- It will show you the result to NaCl by enabling the option.

6- Click on the “Enable” on the menu page.

7- After that, Chrome will restart and show you several options.

8- At the last steps, you will have to click on the “Re-launch” button, and Chrome will start again.

9- While Google chrome is restarting, the native client will be automatically activated.

Once you complete all these steps, you can activate Google native client easily.

Let’s get into another instruction that will be customization of new tabs.

How to customize New Tab?

If you want to make a new tab on Google Chrome, it isn’t a big task; by following simple steps, you can customize a new account without having any trouble. You need to make sure you have reliable internet access.

Here are the steps:

1- As previously done, you have to turn on your device and open the chrome web browser.

2- On the upper row, you can see the three dots on the right side; click on that.

3- You will find several options, scroll down and; select the “Setting” option.

4- You will have to choose on startup at the subsetting.

5- Now, on the new link radio icon, and after that, click on the “Add new page.”

6- Next, you can enter the link or URL you want to add.

Once you have completed this, it will always show you the URL as your tab whenever you start Chrome.

Android chrome features

Google chrome has various features as we use it daily, and we might be aware of it. Still, let’s have a look at the helpful features of Chrome.

  1. Google Chrome address bar: It is not an ordinary search bar; it includes searching, calculating, translating, weather, Google drive, and goggle itself.
  2. Sync feature: Users can sync and access saved passwords, bookmarks, and secure payment info.
  3. Dark mode theme: As nowadays people are more into the dark mode, users can use dark mode Google Chrome; it gives you the theme option you can edit it as you like.
  4. Keep your account separate from the profile:  Users can separate all chrome info such as history, bookmarks, passwords, and more.
  5. More features of Google chrome include extensions, articles, overview, tabs, password check, and more.

Android chrome Methods

Android users can look at the simple tricks and methods to improve the browser and explore more features.

Here are the methods:

  • Users can set the chrome homepage on your front screen by renaming it. If you have to read something continuously or daily, it becomes a long process to search Chrome. You can keep the search page on your home screen, and whenever you turn it on, you can open searched tab.
  • You can download the page as a pdf, and it will help you read the page offline that you have saved.
  1. To save or download the file offline, you have to click on the three dots on the screen.
  2. Next, go to the print option.
  3. Now, click on the save the file PDF.
  • You can find the hidden menu by long pressing on the search tab to open or close the tab faster in another method.

Final words

That was all about the chrome-native://newtab/, and we have described each essential instruction, including Google, Chrome, Chrome native new tab and more. If you find this article interesting and helpful, let us know in the comment section below, we would like to know your views. Ideas, thoughts, and you can provide us with your feedback over the comment.

Thanks for reading.

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