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Androidtv com setup – How to set up an Android TV?

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Androidtv com setup – An individual who recently purchased an Android TV requires to do a setup first. Androidtv com setup will enable the user to use their brand new Android TV smoothly. Nowadays, TVs are coming with advanced features. These features are somewhat similar to your smartphones. Unlike the basic TVs, Android TVs work just the way your Smartphone works. You can install apps, stream movies and shows, listen to music and along with that, you can connect your TV with any of the other devices. In this article, we will discuss the process to do androidtv com setup. So, if you have no idea how to do that, then keep reading!

How is Android TV different from Smart TV?

There is a minor difference in both Android and Smart TV. Both devices let you stream content over the internet. Any Tv that enables you to stream content over the internet is considered Smart Tv. From this point of view, we can say that the Android TV is also a Smart TV. However, there are several features in Android Tv that make it somewhat superior to a smart TV. We use our smartphones a lot to surf the internet, watch videos, movies, and whatnot. So, Android TVs help you enjoy those things on a bigger screen.

An Android TV enables you to access the play store just like your Android Phone. This way, you can install applications and use them as per your Preference. In the smart TV, you get pre-installed OTT platforms, and you can install other applications. The process to install apps on an Android Tv is similar to your Smartphone. Considering the Smart Tv, then the installation process may differ. If you want to know more about the Androidtv com setup, then stick along and keep reading.

What are the benefits of having an Android TV?

Before hovering over to the androidtv com setup, we will discuss the significant benefits of having an Android TV. As mentioned earlier, an Android Tv is pretty similar to a Smart Tv. There are differences in the procedure to run various tasks, but in the end, you would find both are an ideal option to enhance your watching experience.

  • An Android TV lets you install applications. You can install various OTT platforms apps and stream their shows and Movies. Make sure you have a subscription to the platforms to watch the content.
  • Google Assistance allows you to do voice searches. You can access all the features of your Tv by giving commands either by remote or voice.
  • You will get Easy access to the games available on this TV. You will see the list of games you have downloaded so far just below the apps row.
  • One of the amazing features it has is Chromecast. It is a unique device that you can plug into any TV or Monitor. You can easily stream content from your Smartphone or computer on the Big Tv screen.

How to do Androidtv com setup?

Suppose you have got your Android TV recently. Then the first thing you need to do is to do androidtv com setup. Before starting your setup procedure, make sure you have an active wifi internet connection and a Google Account. If you don’t know how to do the androidtv. com/setup, then follow the instructions mentioned below –

Please turn on your Android Tv and then pair it with Remote.

Step 1: First, Turn on your Android TV

Step 2: Select the right input for your Android TV; after that, press “Source or Input”

Step 3: Now, follow the on-screen instructions to pair your Remote with your Android TV successfully.

When the remote connects to the TV, a checkmark will appear on the screen. If it isn’t connected yet, then you can try again and follow the on-screen instructions attentively.

Androidtv com Setup

Step 1: Your Tv will show you, “Quickly set up your TV with your Android Phone?” Select skip using your Remote.

Step 2: Now, connect to wifi. It may take time to update.

Step 3: After that, choose “Sign in” using your Remote.

Step 4: You need to sign in using your Google Account.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

You can choose to set up your Android TV with your Smartphone as well. In that case, when it asks for “Quickly set up your TV with your Android Phone”, choose to Continue or Yes. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the androidtv com setup of your Android TV.

How to stream content from your phone to your Android TV?

If you want to stream content from your phone to your Android TV offline, you get access to the downloaded videos. To access those videos from your Phone to your Android TV, follow the instructions illustrated below-

Step 1: Turn on your Phone and open files by Google.

Step 2: Find the videos or Images you want to cast in the “Browse Tab”

Step 3: Finally, Open the file and tap on Cast.

These short and straightforward steps will allow you to watch the downloaded videos from your Phone to your big TV screen.

Is it possible to cast content from your device to Android TV?

Streaming content from your device to your Android TV is possible only if you have the latest version of a Chromecast-enabled app or a chrome browser on your device connected to the same wifi network as your Android TV. Follow the steps to cast content from your device to your Android TV –

Step 1: You need to connect your device to the same wifi network as your Android TV.

Step 2: Now, open the app that has the content you want to watch.

Step 3: In the app, look for Cast and then select it.

Step 4: On your device to select the name of your TV

Step 5: Finally, when the cast icon changes colour, your devices are successfully connected.

I hope you found these steps straightforward. If you want to disconnect the casting, you can select Cast, and it will disconnect instantly. However, if you are stuck somewhere, you can contact customer care and take help.

How to use your phone as the remote for your AndroidTV Com?

If you own an Android TV, then you can control it from your Smartphone. You need to follow a couple of instructions. You have several options while giving your Tv commands. You can use your TV remote, or you can access all the features from your Phone. To set your virtual remote, follow the instructions mentioned below –

Step 1: Turn on the Google TV App on your Android TV.

Step 2: Tap on Remote from the bottom right.

Step 3: After that, click on “Scanning for Devices”

Step 4: When you see your device select it.

Step 5: To complete the pairing process follow the instructions on your phone and TV.

Step 6: When the pairing completes, you can use your phone as a virtual Remote, or you can use the TV remote as well.

If you face any trouble while setting up your Phone as a virtual remote, you can consider switching off your TV and turning it on again. You can also check if your wifi connection is working fine or there is any network issue.

Can I install apps on an Android TV? (androidtv com setup)

Yes, you can easily install applications on your Android TV. Once you complete the setup process, you can install applications by hovering over to the Play Store. You can download apps and games using the instructions mentioned below. So, follow them attentively –

Step 1: Scroll to the Apps from the home screen of your Android TV.

Step 2: Now, select the “Google Play Store App”

Step 3: In the Google Play Store App, you can search for the app or game you want to access on your TV.

Step 4: After that, select the app you want to install.

Step 5: A more detailed page of that particular app will appear on your screen, just like your Phone.

Step 6: Tap on install to install the app or follow the on-screen instructions to complete the downloading.

If you want to purchase an app, then you need to make a payment. Suppose you are installing a free app, then all you have to do is click on install. The Application will install shortly, and then you can tap on open to use it. You can search or browse the applications on the Play store. Once you find the app, tap on it and follow the steps mentioned earlier.

How to update an Android TV?

We get regular updates on our smartphones, tablets, TV, and PC. Regular updates help us to fix the problems with software or any hardware device. Sometimes we face situations where it is difficult to detect what’s wrong with the device. In such cases, you can see if there is any pending update available for your device. If there is, then install it as soon as possible. To update your Android TV, follow the instructions mentioned below –

Step 1: Turn on your TV and then press Home using your Remote.

Step 2: At the top right, you will see the settings icon. Click on it.

Step 3: Under the “TV” head, select About.

Step 4: After that, Tap on system software update and then “Software Update”

Step 5: If there is any update available, you can follow the on-screen instructions to update them successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How to set Parental control on an AndroidTV?

To set parental control on your Android TV, you can set a PIN. You can head to the Home Screen and then go to the settings. From there, move to “Parental control”. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to set a PIN and update other settings as per your Preference.

Q.2) How to control an Android TV from a smartphone?

You can make your Smartphone a virtual remote for your TV. To do that, you can scroll back up and adhere to the instructions mentioned there. You can use your Smartphone as a remote control for your TV once you complete the setup.

Q.3) What do I need to do to add another Google Account on an AndroidTV com?

Yes, you can add another Google Account on your Android Tv. Head to the home screen and then tap on settings. When the settings panel unfolds, click on Accounts and then sign in. Finally, enter your credentials to add another Google Account.

Final Words – Androidtv com setup

That was all about the androidtv com setup. You can apply the instructions quickly, and then your new Tv is ready to explore. You can install various apps on your TV using the steps we have discussed in this article. If you have a query, then you can connect with customer service. I hope you liked this article. Feel free to share your views or suggestions. Your suggestions would help us to improvise.

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